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ss. test

sept. 27

Henry Clay helped write compromises
John Calhoun Protected the Souths rights
Daniel Webster Massachusetts senator who believed that the country should stay together
The fugitive slave law All slaves must be returned to their masters
Seventh of March Speech Daniel Webster pleaded the country to stay together.
underground railroad a system where escaped slaves would be moved north to freedom
3 parts of the Republicans Whigs, unhappy democrats, free soldiers
First state to brake away South Carolina
1st republican elected Abraham Lincoln
Southern government Confederate states of America
President of new America Jefferson Davis
Northern reaction to Uncle Toms Cabin accepted as truth
Southern reaction to Uncle Toms Cabin felt story was exaggerated
Uncle Toms Cabin Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The California question (part 1 of essay 1) 1. Gold rush brought people 2. California was the first to ask for admission from Mexican territory 3. wanted to come in free 4. didnt want to disturb the balance of 15 slave and 15 free states 5. afraid that it will cause the other states to come in
Clays compromise (part 2 of essay 1) 1. California come in free 2. remainder of land would be divided and the states would decide when they entered. 3. buying and selling of slaves was not allowed in DC. 4. the fugitive slave law
A disaster for Africa Americans (part 3 of essay 1) 1. DC could still keep their slaves 2. Could bring slaves into the state 3.free blacks had to carry freedom papers 4. Escaped slaves had to escape to Canada now.
Kansas-Nebraska bill (part 1 of essay 2) 1. Stephen Douglas presented it 2. 2 territories were formed 3. douglas appeared pro-south 4. slaves could be in a free state which was opposing the other bills.
Reaction to the Kansas-Nebraska bill (part 2 of essay 2) 1.Northerners were concerned 2. against compromises that were in affect for 34 years 3. southerners were excited 4. president supported it 5. led to blood shed in Kansas
Warfare in Kansas (Part 3 of essay 2) North and south moved into Kansas 2. each side had a majority 3.people living in Missouri crossed the boarder illegally and voted 4.riots took place 5.john brown killed lots of people 6.territory was called ' Bleeding Kansas'
The dread Scout case ( part 1 of essay 3) 1.slave that was taken from free state to slave state 2.abolitionists helped him sue for his freedom 3. Did black people have the right to sue 4.supreme court said NO 5. blacks were property
Effects of the Dread Scout Case (part 2 of essay 3) 1.Northern democrats thought that there should be popular sovereignty 2.felt that the court was pro-south 3.would defy the supreme court decision 4.republicans opposed
popular sovereignty the people choose
John Browns raid (part 3 of essay 3) 1.eastern abolitionists thought brown was a hero 2.wanted to establish a free state for escaped slaves 3.led a group of 18 in a raid in Harper Ferry Virgina. 4.trapped in the engine house 5. wouldn't surrender tried for treason and was hanged 6.nort
The slave system (Part 1 of essay 4) 1.house hold slaves were better than field hands 2.overseers treated them cruelly 3. some treated them w/ some care because they were property 4.could be hired out to other owners 5.master had control 6.families were broken up 7.could visit if lucky
Free blacks (part 2 of essay 4) 1.thousands of free blacks lived in the south 2.had to carry freedom papers 3.had to same taxes if not more 4.limited career opportunities 5.could not vote or hold office 6.black tax
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