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8.1.4- 8.1.6

SC History Test 9/27/13

Native Americans didn't make good slaves because.... It was easy for them to escape and not use to cultivating the land.
Indentured Servants ? didn't provide enough labor
African americans brought their knowledge of cattle herding and rice. some hired out slaves if they had a special talent.
Gullah? combination of English and African
Low Country blacks outnumbered whites, near coast, most plantations, wealthy
UP county majority whites, bigger population (Scottish/Irish), few slaves little education
Regulators vigilantes, lots of criminals moved to the upcountry abused the rights of innocents
Circuit Court Act Of 1769 stopped the regulators, divided SC into 7 districts, court house, jail, and sheriff
Problems in SC? Spanish in Florida were attacking Yemasse were attacking Pirates attacked the coast
Royal Colony?! Lords proprietors too far away, weren't protecting or providing money, turned to king of England he split NC & Sc
Subsidies? Extra money for rice
Buffer zone? Georgia protected Sc from Spanish FL
Slave Rebellion Spanish promised freedom to flordia escape. slave owners were cruel to slaves. many slaves and settlers were killed. slave revolt was unsuccessful.
Slave Codes harsher punishments Slaves needed white supervision Slaves = no weapons couldn't earn money
Free AAs? few in sc freed by will of owner, faithfulness, slave mistresses
SC Freedman? had to leave within 6 months or be reslaved. moved to urban areas
SC natural resources deerskin, pine forests (naval stores), fertile land.
crops? 1st-rice Carolina gold 2nd- Indigo blue dye
Mercantilism? export more than you import. colonies made money for England.
Raw materials Sc, raw materials to manufactured goods sent to Britain
Navigation Acts passed because bitian was being left out of trade. sc planters had a secure market but were given an advantage.
African Orgin Coast of West Africa to Sc caotured by English traveled middle passage. sold at auctions
Created by: lysha