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US His 6

Western Front Battle front between the Allies and Central Powers in Western Europe
Lusitania British passenger ship sunk by German U-boat
U-boats German Submarines
Casualties Soldiers killed, wounded, or missing
Contraband Illegal weapons and other goods to fight a war
Francis Ferdinand Heir to the Austria-Humgary throne
Why did Pres. Wilson want the United State to remain neutral during WWI? Because of our nation's ethnic diversity
This turned American public opinion against Germany. The German invasion of Belgium
Event that caused US to enter WWI Sinking of the British ship the "Lusitania"
Opinion of American internationalist toward the US becoming involved in WWI No involvement in the war
Bernard Baruch Head of War Industries Board
Selective Service Act Created a military draft
George Creel Director of Committee on Public Information
Espionage Act Severe penalties for anyone engaging in disloyal or treasonable activities
Conscientious objectors People who refused to serve in the military service for moral or religious reasons
Grear Migration Movement of African Americans to the North
Impact of WWI on the American economy Regulations increased
One result of the Sedition Act It limited freedom of speech
WWI changed the lives of American women Opened up new job opportunities
Great Migration Men were drafted during WWI created jobs in the North;African Americans moved from south to fill those jobs.
Reservationists People who would vote for the Treaty of Versailles if changes were made to the League of Nations
Reparations Payments for war damage
Convoy Groups of merchant ships sailed together, protected by warships
Self-determination The right of people to choose their own form of government
Irreconcilables US senators who believed we should not get involved in world politics or world organizations-opposed any treaty with the League of Nations in it.
Vladimir Lenin Radical communist leader who took over Russia on Nov. 1917
1,300,000 American troops that served in combate during WW I
Western Front Where US troops did the most fighting
Paris Peace Conference denied self-determinatin to these people Iraqis
What reason was given by the US Senate to deny the approval of the Treaty of Versailles? The League of Nations was ineffective
Influenza Deadly viral illness
Anarchist convicted of murder Nicola Sacco
Rising Prices Inflation
A country that owes less money than it is owed Creditor nation
Republican Pres. Warren G. Harding
Red Scare Fear of communism
One cause of 1919 labor strikes Rising prices
World's economic leader after WWI United States
Return to normalcy (simplier times) Promise made by newly elected Pres Warren G. Harding in 1920 election
Why was the postwar period difficult for farmers? Food prices were falling, so farmers weren't getting much money for the crops they were growing.
Commander of American troops in Europe during WWI John J. Pershing
Social Darwinism Survival of the fittest-the best country would win any international competition
Triple Alliance nations Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Preparedness The building up of military forces
Herbert Hoover Head of Food Administration-set prices higher for wheat encouraging farmers to grow more-asked consumers to conserve so more food could be sent to the troops-he set up rules affecting farmers
Committee on Public Information-CPI Its purpose was to educate the public as to the causes and purpose of the war and convince Americans that the war effort was a just cause
Cause-German soldiers no longer willing to fight Effect-Germany surrendered in 1918
League of Nations World organization to promote peaceful cooperation between countries
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti Italian anarchists convicted and executed for murders they didn't commit
Doughboy Nickname for American troops because their uniforms were the color of bread dough
Fourteen Points Pres. Wilson's outline of America's war aims for lasting peace in western Euroe
David Lloyd George British Prime Minister
Georges Clemenceau French president
Red Scare Wide spread fear of suspected communists who were to be plotting a revolution within the United States
Arthur Zimmermann German foreign minister who proposed an alliance with Mexico against the US
Influenza The flu virus
Republican Senator who opposed ratification of Treaty of Versailles Henry Cabot Lodge
Conscientious objector Person whose moral or religious view forbid participation in war
Creditor Nation A nation that lends more money than it borrows
Palmer Raids Series or raids, arrests,and deportations of suspected radicals
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