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BUYS_Stand 3 Review

XYZ Affair Low level officials from FRANCE
President Polk is known for... Manifest Destiny
Alien & Sedition Acts were designed to prevent... government opposition
The Virginia and Kentucky Acts... nullified acts of the federal government
A Strict Constructionist is someone who... follows the Constitution EXACTLY
President Jefferson is most known for what... this challenged his strict constructionist attitude. Louisiana Purchase
Protective Taffif A tax imposed to prevent imports from other countries and "protect" American industry
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 defined the process by which territories could become states
Sectionalism the needs of a particular region
Popular Sovereignty a vote to make slavery illegal or not
Bleeding Kansas violence from John Brown on pro-slavery individuals
Missouri Compromise an agreement to abolish slavery above the 36' 30' longitude/ latitude line
Dred Scott v. Sanford Court ruling that Dred Scott was NOT a free citizen even though he lived in a free state
Goal of Harpers Ferry? To start a slave rebellion
Underground Railroad a way for slaves to escape the South
Battle of Antietam bloodiest battle in US History
Massachusetts 54th Regiment All black Civil War Army
Emancipation Proclamation All slaves in the Confederate states should be freed
Gettysburg Address location significance one of bloodiest battle of the Civil War took place there
Burned Atlanta Sherman
President of the South during the Civil War Jefferson Davis
Anaconda Plan A plan to take control of the Mississippi River and blockade Confederate troops from receiving supplies from allies
First shots of the Civil War were fired here. Fort Sumter
Why was the defeat at Vicksburg significant? it allowed the Union Army control over the Mississippi River
The "March to Sea" was Sherman burning everything between him and Atlanta
Compromise of 1877 Removed federal troops from the south and allowed President Hayes to become President
Plessy v. Ferguson Separate but Equal
13th Amendment Abolished Slavery
14th Amendment Made Slaves Citizens
15th Amendment Black Males Gained Suffrage
Carpetbaggers Northerners who came South looking for financial gain
Scalawags Southerns who supported Reconstruction efforts
Jim Crow Laws Nickname for the laws that segregated blacks from whites
Student who will pass the Standard 3 test? ME
W.E.B. DuBois argued for what? Blacks to receive higher eduction
Booker T. Washington argued for blacks to focus on what... economic security versus higher education
Booker T. Washington created what learning institution? Tuskegee Institute
Poll Tax Money paid in order to vote
Grandfather Clause If your Grandfather could vote.... so can you!
Disenfranchisement NOT having the ability to vote
Lynching Multiple people attacking a single person; mob like action
Where did the Confederate Army surrender at... Appomattox Courthouse
What was the reason for the delaying of the annexation of Texas? Throwing off the balance of free and slave states
Under the Monroe Doctrine, how would the US have viewed a European power attempting to establish colonies in the Americas? As a military aggressor moving against the interest of the United States
Assimilation is best described as Agreeing to merge your culture into a new one
Marbury v. Madison established what judicial precedent? The right of judicial review
Created by: buyscv