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Civil War

What laws/amendments abolished slavery in the South? Emancipation Proclamation.
What laws/amendments abolished slavery in the North? 13th Amendment
Sharcroppers people who shared their land with freed slaves and poor whites in return with a large portion of the crop.
scalawags people who moved from democrat to republican for votes
Robert E Lee general of the south who was very brilliant and probably would have won if he had the same advantages as the North had.
John Wilkes Booth Person who assassinated Lincoln after the war.
U.S. Grant general of the North toward the end of the War. And was also president of the US (Horrible pres, btw)
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States
William Tecumseh Sherman Union general that burned down most of the South by using total war. Freed Slave
Abraham Lincoln President of the United States. Immediately after elected, the war started.
Andrew Johnson vice president for Lincoln, and takes over after Lincoln is killed. Horrible president, first to be impeached.
Carpetbaggers people who moved from the North to the South for jobs, financial gain, political powers, etc.
Vickburg Union win by siege. Cuts the South in two.
Gettysburg largest battle in the civil war. South's Hail Mary that failed.
Appomattox site of the surrender that ends the Civil War. Lee surrenders to Grant.
Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the US.
Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in rebelling states
14th amendment if you are born here, you can vote here.
15th amendment you can't withhold rights from anyone regardless of race, color, past, etc.
Secession leaving or separating from the country. South Carolina is the first.
Underground Railroad used to sneak slaves from the South to the North to freedom
Popular Sovereignty as a new stat came into being, this decided whether or not slavery was allowed. People voted, but not good because no population count.
Uncle Tom's Cabin a book written during the civil war
Confederacy Who the South was, lead by Lee, and President Davis
REconstruction rebuilding the US after the war
Ku Klux Klan people who terrorized blacks and whites who supported reconstruction. 20,000 people were killed.
Why was Gettysburg significant? The South never invaded the North again.
how did Johnson demonstrate that he didn't support African American Rights> Vetoed all the new acts/amendments/etc that supported blacks and reconstruction.
What was Lincoln main goal at the beginning of the war? UNITE THE COUNTRY AGAIN.
How did the presidency end for Johnson? IMPEACHMENT
Why were FEderal troops sent to the South after the war? To curb violence and protect the newly freed AAs.
Total War is... Breaking the back of your opponent so bad that they don't have any will to fight anymore. TOTAL DESTRUCTION.
3 advantages of the North? Money, supplies, population. (all the factories are in the North)
3 advantages of the South? Homefield advantage, leaders, southern pride.
Goal of Reconstruction? Rebuild the South and ensure fair treatment and citizenship of the Blacks
Why did reconstruction fail? Hard to support the country as a whole, a lot of corruption, bad leadership, the election of 1874, northern troops leave the south.
Political Party of the North? Republicans
Political party of the South? Democrats
Who was Clara Bartfield? the angel of the battlefield, Red Cross.
What did Lincoln suspend during the war? HABEUS CORPUS (allowed people to be arrested without reason)
What was wrong with the Northern General McClellan? He never really fought, too timid.
Why were the Enforcement Acts created? to curb the violence in the South during Reconstruction.
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