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Chapter 5 SS review

Founded Hartford, Connecticut, with his followers Thomas Hooker
An important whaling town in New England New Bedford, Massachusetts
Anne Hutchinson was expelled from the Puritan church because she questioned the authority and teachings of Puritan ministers
Led the first group of Puritans to New England John Endecott
The Puritans conducted all town business at a town meeting
The Puritans left England because they wanted to change some religious practices to purify the church of England
He founded Strawberry Bank, which later became Portsmouth, New Hampshire David Thomson
The Fundamental Orders allowed landowning male colonists in Connecticut to elect their government leaders
Who brought the second group of Puritans to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 John Winthrop
Roger Williams left the Massachusetts Bay Colony because he thought people should be able to follow their own religious beliefs
Organized a confederation of New England settlers John Winthrop
People who lived in Massachusetts Bay Colony towns had to elect their government leaders
Was a minister in Salem, Massachusetts, before he founded Providence, Rhode Island Roger Williams
The triangular trade routes connected England, the English colonies in North America, and the west coast of Africa
England tried to control colonial trading by allowing the colonies to export goods only to England and other English colonies
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