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Naftel Warm-up #3

D-day Operation Overlord day allies invaded France
Omar Bradley American General in charge of D-day Kamikaze
Battle of the Buldge last German offensive
VE Day Victory in Europe day Germans surrender
Nurenburg Trials 1st time in history after WWll tried Germans and some Japanese
Marshall Plan American tax payers rebuilt Europe to prevent WWIII stop spread of communism
Bataan Death March WWll philippines japan took american and philipine soldiers hostage made march to depot
Island Hopping skip around heavily armed islands created by MacArthur
MacArthur American General in charge of army in the pacific theatre
Numitz Admiral in charge of Navy
Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 b/c of sending supplies to other countries and put embargo on japan
Admiral Yamamoto planned pearl harbor said it was a bad idea
Battle of Britian Germany vs. Brittian air battle Brittian won
Winston Churchill prime minister during WWll
Eisenhower supreme allied commander
Patton 3 star general in charge of 3rd star division
Allied Powers Soviet Union Brittian US France Russia
FDR 4 terms NEw York
Degaul French WWll
Axis Powers Italy Germany Japan
Mussolini Italian leader WWll
Hitler Germany
Lend-lease Act Before pear harbor Battle of B = lend or lease anything but troops (B, China, India)
Mobilization getting ready for war
Internment (camps) prisoned Japanese worried about spies after pearl harbor middle of country
Created by: ari2015