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Hidden-Fari Mbaye

Where did Wren hide when she was first able to get out of the car? the boat
What color did Darra's mom and dad repaint the car? dark green
How did Wren escape the garage? through the cat door
How many times did Darra visit her dad in jail? An hour twice a month before she just stopped being allowed to go
How many years did Darra try to find out what happened before her parents divorce 6 years
How many weeks are Darra and Wren staying at camp? Darra for 4 weeks and Wren for 6 weeks
Where did Darra and Wren first actually meet In cabin 8
Who are the only two girls in the cabin trying out for lifesaving? Darra and Wren
Who is the boy that failed the lifesaving class the year before? Jeremy
Who is Toryn? Wren's bestfriend for 4 years
What does Wren's mo m do for a living? Teach college
Why did Darra kick Wren in the stomach during Drown Last? Wren was drowning her
Describe Darra's appearance She has red hair, green eyes, and freckles
What is the Camp Oakwood stone tradition When you are leaving camp you pick a stone from the creek and all the people in your cabin sign it and you add it to a stone wall and each year the wall sinks lower into the ground
When is Darra's dad supposd to ge put of jail? October
How did the police really figure out who kidnapped Wren when she was little? They drove down the road until they smelled skunk
Who besides Wren at camp does Darra tell about her dad Jeremy
What does Sam give Darra as a going away present A box with different treasures, a gift certificate for pizza hut, and his buddy tag
Who leaves Cabin 8 on the same day as Darra? Meghan
Who was in the car when Darra's mom came to pick her up? Archie, Darra's cat
Created by: Fari1
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