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US History

ch.3 section 1-3 rs

strong leader, put the settlers of Jamestown to work John Smith
introduced a milder tobacco which became VA's cash crop & married Pocahontas John Rolfe
leader of a group of farmers who attacked and burned Jamestown because the governor didnt protect the frontier area from indian attacks Nathaniel Bacon
first group to come to N. America for religious freedom Separatists OR Pilgrims
founder of Maryland George Calvert
teen who developed indigo as a cash crop of the Carolinas Eliza Lucas
founder as Georgia Oglethorpe
leader of the separatists of Plymouth. Massachusetts William Bradford
helped the Separatists by helping them plant corn and learn what streams to fish Samoset and Squanto
2nd group to settle in Massachusetts hoping to create a perfect community and church which would be "a city upon a hill" Puritans
governor of the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay colony John Winthrop
led his entire church body to Connecticut for more religious and political freedom Thomas Hooker
banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony and established Providence, Rhode Island Roger Williams
woman banished from Massachusetts bay colony for heresy, who established Portsmouth, Rhode Island Anne Hutchinson
nationality that originally settled in modern-day NY state the English
hated governor of New Netherlands. When attacked, the people wouldn't help him fight against the English Peter Stuyvesant
founder of PENNsylvania as a safe place for Quakers to practice their religion William Penn
What effect did the defeat of the Spanish Armada have on the English? opened the way for England to explore and settle in America
What are reasons the English wanted to establish colonies in America? to gain profit, religious freedom (Massa.),to help poor debtors start over, more religious freedom
1st permanent English settlement Jamestown
1st elected legislature in America House of Burgesses in Virginia
doc. in which a group consciously created a gvt. where none had previously existed Mayflower Compact
1st written constitution in America. served as the model for the United States constitution as well as the state constitutions written later Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Why did the English attack New Netherland? -wanted valuable river trade along the Hudson rivr; and wanted to rid Atlantic Coast of a foreign power
group that believed in the equality of all; and were Pacifists Quakers
Act passed to protect the Catholic minority of Maryland that granted religious freedom to all Christians Toleration Act
Why did the government of England want Georgia founded? to shield Britain's colonies from Spanish Fl.
Name of the french settlement in FL. that was destroyed by Spain ???
Which European country had the best relations with the Indians? France
What are problems that the early settlers at Jamestown faced? disease, hunger, drought, Indians, environment
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