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Because of Mr.Terupt

Where is Jessica from? California
Who had a meltdown about putting a plant into a box? Anna
Why does Danielle's family think Anna is a bad influence? Her mom had her at 16
What is the name of the book Mr.Terupt introduced the class to in November? The Summer of the Swans
What activity did the students do while reading The Summer of the Swans? They helped in the Collaborative Classrooms
What is the different about there holiday party? they created different centers based on different holidays
Why was Jeffrey born to save his brother Micheal from the disease he had?
What happened to Micheal in the end? He died from leukimia
Who estimated the correct number of links on the chain until it touched the floor? Peter and Anna
What did they earn once the links touched the floor A free day too play in the snow
Who threw the snowball that hit Mr.Terupt Peter
What type of damage did the snowball cause to Mr.Terupt? It put him in a coma
Who is Charlie? Danielle's 27 year old brother
Which students were the first to know about the brain surgery? Luke and Peter
Why is Jeremy leaving the collaborative classrooms? He has been doing so well that he gets to go to a normal classroom in his home town
Who put the dent in Charlie's car? Anna's mom when she was pregnant
Who brought the class microphone to the hospital Jeffrey
What happened after Mr.Terupt's brain surgery? He survived the surgery, but was still in a coma
Who's fault did Jessica's mom say the coma was? Mr.Terupt's
When did Mr.Terupt come back the last day of school
What does the class get to do next year They get to have Mr.Terupt as there teacher again
Created by: Fari1
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