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world history

prehistoric to 1500

who is Lucy? Australopithecin
what country/continent from? ethiopia/africa
what is civilization? food surplus,advancees,advance tech, skilled workers, goverment/religion,wd keeping
where was Mesopotamia?/what time period was it? between euphrates and tigris river/6000 bce
what does Mesopotamia mean? means middle of rivers
what was Mesopotamia? mesopotamia was the birthplace of civilization
who was Hammurabi?/when did he reign? babalonian emperor/reigned in 1700's
how big was the Babylonian empire? most of mesopotamia
what was the code of Hammurabi? eye for an eye
what were the punishment regulations? the higher class they were the less punishment they got
when was ancient Egypt? 3100 bce
where was ancient Egypt? in the Nile delta
what was the ancient writing? they wrote in hieroglyphics
what was there social structure? the pyramid
where was harappa/india?/what time period was is? by the indus river close to modern pakastain in 3000bce
what was the caste system? it was a strict rank system
what were the levels of the caste system? 1. priest 2. warriors 3. workers(normal people)
who were the people outside the caste system? the untouchables
who were the untouchables? sub-human people,messed with dead bodies,were not to be touched or spoken to
what was meso-america? Olmec-1200 bce-mexico
when was maya started? 300-900 Ce-mexico
when was aztec started? 1100's Ce-mexico
when was incas started? 1400's Ce-peru
what did the aryans bring? europe nomads,caste system
who were the aryans? controlled natives
what time was the silk road? 200-1000 Ce
what was the silk road? it was a trade route for india's empires
where was the trade route? it was from china to india,africa,and europe
what did they exchange on silk road? luxary items that were expencive adn easy to carry,also exchanged religion
what were the Chinese dynastys? shang,Zhou(Joe),qin(chin)
who was the shang dynasty? 1st dynasty,had oracle bones that told future
who was the Zhou dynasty(Joe)? 2nd dynasty,believed in the mandate of heaven(to keep ruling fair)
who was the qin(chin)dynasty 3rd dynasty, made great wall of china to keep out nomads
who was the greek? had city states governed by polis,invented drama,had athens for a source of western culture
who were japaneese? had small tribes
what was yamamoto? he united in 600's,had a divine ruler beleived to be god given power
when was civil war for japaneese? civil war was in 800's it seperated japaneese
who were the aristocrates? they hired samuri,military sevents,like knights
what was the bushido? the samuri code(way of a warrior)
what is a seppuku? samuris who kill them selfs instead of dying in battle(didnt give opponent pleasure of killing them) AKA: hiri kiri
who were crusades? Christian vs. muslem over holy land
what were the holy cites? Constantinople and jerusalem
who was the first church started by? it was cathlic church and started by peter during great shism
what are knights reward? knights get penance(reward for heaven)or kill court death on a crusade
where did the pope send the knights? sent knight to holy crusade to middle east to reclaim holy lands
who was the first pope? peter
what was the orthodox? it was the right way
how was the text brought back? the Muslims preserved the Greek and roman text
Created by: 1314daltonjones