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Chap 4.1 & 4.2


Mercantilism *Economic System *Mother country uses colonies to make $ *Colonies sell natural resources to the mother country ONLY *Colonies buy finished goods from the mother country ONLY
Duty A tax on goods purchased in another country
Treaty of Paris 1763 *Ended the French and Indian War *Britain got control of Canada from the French
French and Indian War *War between Britain and France fought here in the colonies *Britain won but nearly went bankrupt
Salutary Neglect *Practice of the British government not enforcing economic laws placed on the colonies *The colonists became used to not having to follow the rules
Boycott *Refusing to buy a particular product(s) from a certain place. *The goal is to make someone lose $ and then change what they're doing.
Proclamation Line of 1763 *Line used by British to limit westward movement across Appalachian Mtns. *Was used to limit conflicts with Native Americans
Pontiac's Rebellion *Uprising of Native Americans in the Northwest Territory upset about Colonists moving in.
Stamp Act Law that placed a tax on paper goods made and sold in the British colonies; it made the Colonists angry.
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