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beginnings to 1800s

entreated asked sincerely
plunder goods seized
melancholy sad
decrepit run down
savory appetizing
affliction pain
bewitching enticing
procure to gain
allay lessen
eminent well known for excellence
reprobates people without any sense of duty
disdained refused
prudent well thought out
populous crowded with people
squeamish easily offended
propagated spread
venerable repsected
assailant attacker
distraction mental disturbance
alleviate relieve
interspersed placed at intervals
commodious spacious
copious great amounts of
improvident careless
moderate gentle
provoked enraged
appease to calm or satisfy
constitution physical condition
contrivance plan
inconceivable unimaginable
omnipotent all powerful
abhors hates
abominable disgusting
ascribed attributed to a certain cause
induce persuade, force, cause
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