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SSUnit One

money paid to a government tax
a person who settles in a new place colonist
to build settlements in new places colonize
freedom from control by another country independence
a fight that leads to the end of one government and the beginning of another revolution
an American who supported the Revolution patriot
volunteer soldiers who fight in emergencies militia
a person who does a job without getting paid volunteer
a basic idea in a system of beliefs principle
a written plan of government constitution
an agreement where each side gives up something they want compromise
treating all people fairly and equally equality
respect for and loyal support of one's country patriotism
why did the colonists come to America? the king of England wanted to claim North America
What were some of the rules that the colonists thought were unfair and too controlling? The taxes were too high, and they could not meet in groups
What year did King James send a brave group of people to claim land in North America? 1606
What kind of problems did the colonists in Jamestown face? Their food supplies ran out during the winter and many people got sick.
How id Jamestown become stronger over time? The colonist learned how to plant croups, hunt, and fish for food. They started sending things they made back to England for sale.
What peaceful actions did the colonists take to protest British rule? People wrote newspaper articles about the need to be free of the British rule.
How did the British punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party? The colonists were no longer allowed to hold town hall meetings without British approval and Great Britain sent soldiers to Boston. They also closed the Boston Harbor.
How did the closing the Boston Harbor affect the colonists? A lot of people lost their jobs.
Which young man from Virginia had the job of listing all of the unfair rules in the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What did the Declaration of Independence say? Americans should be free from British rules.
What was the name of England's first permanent colony in North America? Jamestown
Who was the patriot that had the job to tell the people that the British were coming? Paul Revere
What happened on July 4, 1776 The Declaration of Independence was signed
Where did Paul Revere live? Boston, Massachusetts
Which war began in 1775? Revolutionary War
What advantages did the British have over the colonists? They had a better Navy and more supplies.
Created by: cvanmeter