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Branches of Governme

review all of the branches of government and their duties

what two houses of congress make up the legislative branch? The Senate and the House of Rep
What is the duty of the legislative branch? To make the laws
How many Senators from each state are chosen? 2 How many in total? 100
Who is the head of the executive branch? The president
Name three positions in the Cabinet? Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Treasury
What does the Judicial branch oversee? the court system of the united states
What is the name of the highest court in the land? Supreme Court
What is the constitution? the document which establishes the bail principles of the american government
what is the main purpose for three different branches of government? to make sure the powers were not controlled by just one person or group and to avoid the risk of dictatorship or tyranny
who are the two senators of your state? NE(deb fischer and mike johanns ) NY (chuck schumer, kristen gillibrand)
Created by: lenzimeg