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Ch 14+15 Nauman

Ch 14 and 15 Nauman test review

What was the day the stock market crashed called? Black Tuesday
Which Flight crashed in PA? 93
FDR communicated with people over the radio called? fireside chats
2 types of stock market? Dow Jones and Nasdaq
What does EPIC stand for? End Poverty in California
What does CCC stand for? Civilian Conservation Corps
Clark Gable was in what famous movie? Gone with the Wind
How many stories high was the Twin Towers? 110
Name of the blimp that caught fire Hindenburg
Who wrote War of the Worlds? Orsen Wells
2 names for the twin towers after they came down? The Pile and Ground Zero
How many hijackers took over the planes on 911? 19
What does social security deal with? retirement
What did FDR promise the people? A New Deal
What percent of the country was unemployed during the depression? 25%
What is another word for blimp? zeppelin or durigible
You would never see FDR pictured how? in a wheelchair
book written by Upton Sinclair The Jungle
there were one and a half million of these hobos
the lowest amount of money that the law will allow a worker to be paid minimum wage
FDR failed to pass this poll tax
the reason people went to movies escape
the taking of mortgaged property by the lender because the borrower cannot make the payments on the loan foreclosure
long period of low rainfall results in this drought
this removes the topsoil of large amounts of land strip mining
this insured you money when it was in the bank FDIC
How long did FDR close the banks? 4 days
What were Bob Hope, George Burns, Jack Benny and the Marx Brothers? comedians
This tower was HIT first North tower
This tower COLLAPSED first South tower
How many planes did the US ground across the country on 911 4000
Has Osama bin Laden been caught? yes
Where did the 4th plane go? Pennsylvania
What did the NRA abolish? child labor
How many planes were hijacked on 911/ 4
What is another name for Hoovervilles? shantytowns
What fed people for free? soup kitchens and bread lines
What does TVA stand for? Tennessee Valley Authority
Did Eleanor Roosevelt follow the tradition role of the first lady? no
Where did homeless families move to? west to California
Who helped to write the Hollywood code? Martin Quigley
What is is called when the government spends more money than it takes in? deficit spending
Created by: hwzone