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SS Chapt 3

Chapter 3 Vocabulary

new ways of doing things innovation
sharing of a large job so each worker only does part of it division of labor
the amount of a product left after needs have been met surplus
governing system ruled by a king or a queen monarchy
complete control absolute authority
a governing group made up of nonelected officials bureaucracy
picture writing pictograph
wedge-shaped writing cuneiform
group of people with the same level of importance in society social class
a person who buys and sells, or trades good merchant
to take over conquer
vast lands under the control of a single government empire
an army with paid, full-time soldiers standing army
money payed by citizens for the running of their government taxation
a form of government in which a national government maintains power centralized government
a set of laws written down in a clear orderly way code
an important belief principle
carts drawn by horses and used to carry soldiers chariot
skill in war warfare
an official or decision made by a ruler decree
a large division of a country territory
wall carvings relief
a person who writes things for others scribe
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