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Chapt. 6 study guide

Pretroleum drilling for it spurs the oil industry. An oily flamible liquid.
Business Cycle When the American industry experianced good and bad times.
Bessemer Steel Process A new steel making method, that uses less coal.
Thomas Edison Opened a lab in 1876,and found the most ways to use electricity. His most famous invention was practical electric lighting.
Centennial Exhibition An exhibition in Philadelphia to celebrate America's 100th birthday.The telephone and other inventions amazed people.
Patent A document giving inventors rights to make and sell their inventions.
Transcontinental Railroad A railroad that spanned the entire continent.
The railroad companies set up? A standard time and divided the United States into four time zones.
John D. Rockefeller dominated the oil industry.
Andrew Carnegie dominated the steel industry.
Monopolies Wipes out it's compeditors and controls the industry.
Robber Baron Is a business leader through dishonest methods.
Philanthropists they gave large sums of money to charity.
Gilded Age Although society had some wealthy people, there were some serious problems like curropt politics, and wide spread poverty.
Gilded Coverd in gold leaf (can disguise something cheap or rotten.) the wealth of a few people can hide societies problems.
Trust A legal body created to hold stock in many companies, often in the same industry.
Knights of Labor A loose rederation of workers from all different trades. It allowed wemon and African American Workers to join.
Hay Market Affair Union leaders and police clash several are killed.
Pullman Strike caused when railroad workers pay was cut.Grover Cleveland sent out federal troops, and jailed the union leader.
AFL Labor leaders samuel Gompers started a new organization of unions called the American Faderation of Labor.
Sweatshop A place where workers labor for long hours under poor conditions for low pay.
Patent A document protecting inventors rights.
Generator A machine that generates electricity.
Sameul Gompers An organizer of the AFL.
Eugene V. Debs A leader of the American Railway union.
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