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unit 1 study guide

American History

indentured servant Agreed to a limited term of servitude
Columbian Exchange Global transfer of living things from one hemisphere to another
head right system The Virginia Company's policy of granting 150 acres to each settler and to each family member who accompanying him.
royal colony A colony under the direct control of the English Monarch.
Mayflower Compact A civil government and pledged loyalty to the king.
House of Burgesses First representative body in Colonial America.
Bacon's Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon and his army fought the natives,and the Governor said his army raised up against the Governor.
Puritans Church member who wanted to purify or reform the church of England.
Separatists (Pilgrims) Fled from England to escape persecution.
Quakers Believed that Gods "inner light" burned inside everyone.
Roger Williams An extreme separatist, expressed two controversial views
Anne Hutchinson An extreme separatist, expressed two controversial views.
William Penn The creator of the Quakers and founded Pennsylvania.
Why were Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson forced to leave? Because they didn't believe in the Church of England.
Compare and Contrast the Puritans and Pilgrims both have freedom of religion-Puritans are more strict-Pilgrims are less strict
What were Columbus's goals before he left Europe and after he arrived in the America's? To get rich in gold, conquer land and to convert anyone who wasn't christian. Getting rich and getting colonies.
What was the significance of the Columbian Exchange? New plants and animals were introduced to Europe, Africa and America.
Why was tobacco so important? It saved Jamestown
Why did Jamestown almost fail? Disease from the river, the harsh winters, the Natives and the starving time.
What were some reasons for slavery? They were running out of indentured servants and for economics.
What were William Penn's policies? Every adult settler gets 50 acres of land and the right to vote.
How were Penn's Policy's different from Pilgrims and Puritans? They were based on freedom of religion. Penn had more tolerance for other religions.
Bacon's Rebellion Fought the Natives with his army and the Governor said Bacon's army was illegal and Bacon turned on the Governor.
House of Burgess The first house of representative body in colonial America.
Mayflower Compact Just and equal laws for the general good of the colony.
Columbian Exchange New plants and animals to Europe, Africa, and America.