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World History 6.2

Hobbes Political Thinker -believed ruler needed total power to keep citizens under control -also people obey a ruler in exchange for law & order - thought all humans were naturally selfish & wicked -his view on government= absolute monarchy
Locke Political Thinker -positive view on human nature -believed people learn from their experience to improve themselves -also government's power comes from the consent of people -think purpose of government is to protect the rights criticized absolute m
What was Locke's 3 natural rights he think people are born with? Life, Liberty & Property `
Voltaire Most brilliant Philosopher -never stopped fighting for tolerance, reason, freedom of religion & freedom of speech
Montesquieu Writer - believed separation of powers would keep any individual or group from gaining total control of the government -Political liberty -must divide powers for a good government -"checks & balances"
Rousseau Philosopher -argued that civilization corrupted people's natural goodness -good government=freely formed by the people & direct democracy -social contact=among free individuals to create a society&a government -give up some freedom for the common good
Wollstonecraft Writer -argued that women like men need education to become excellent&useful -should enter similar fields as men -at the time, women still '2nd class'
Beccaria Philospher -believed laws existed to preserve social order, not to avenge crimes -believed a person accused of crimes should have a speedy trial& torture should never be used -think degree of punishment should fit the crime
Enlightenment A new intellectual movement that stressed reason& thought& the power of individuals to solve problems
Social Contact an agreement to let people to create a government
Philosophies philosophers
How did each of the ideas of the philosophies contribute to the American Declaration of Independence& The Bill of Rights Locke/His natural rights/made fundamental to U.S Declaration of Independence. Montesquieu/ his separation of powers/ impacted France, U.S& Latin American nations to use separation of powers in new constitution.
How did each of the ideas of the philosophies contribute to the American Declaration of Independence& The Bill of Rights 2 Voltaire/Freedom of thought&expression& Religious belief/Guaranteed in U.S Bill of Rights&French Declaration of the Rights of Man&Citizen; European monarchs reduce or eliminate censorship & reduce persecution.
How did each of the ideas of the philosophies contribute to the American Declaration of Independence& The Bill of Rights 3 Wollstonecraft/Women's equality/Women's rights groups form in Europe& North America. Beccaria/Abolishment of torture/ Guaranteed in U.S Bill of Rights; torture outlawed or reduced in nations of Europe& the Americas
Created by: Momotrann