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AR Key Figures

Ch 6

Benedict Arnold led the Americans to force a British retreat, slowing the British down; he also was a traitor in the war working secretly for the British with his attempt to sell West Point. (pg. 168)
 Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay represented America in negotiation of the peace treaty ending the American Revolution.
 Benjamin Franklin worked in gaining France to side with America. He was successful; he helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris 1783.
 Bernardo de Galvez was the Spanish-Louisiana Governor of Louisiana. He raised a Spanish army of Native Americans, Creoles, and African Americans; Forced the British out Baton Rouge, Natchez, Mobile, and Pensacola; loaned money and opened Port of New Orleans to aid the Colon
 Charles Cornwallis was the key general for the British army. He surrendered at Yorktown.
 Comte de Rochambeau was a French general who commanded 5000 French soldiers.
 Deborah Sampson of Massachusetts watched her brothers and their friends go to war; she decided to join in the fight. She disguised herself as a boy and enlisted in the army. (pg. 165)
 Francis Marion organized a small expert fighting force in SC; hid his troops in swamps, which helped him gain the nickname Swamp Fox. (guerilla warfare)
 Friedrich von Steuben a former army officer from Germany helped teach Patriots military discipline which helped turn the army into a more effective fighting force; drilled the troops at Valley Forge
 George Washington was the most important Patriot General who helped win the war. Commander of the Continental Army
 John Paul Jones fought British naval ship off the coast of Great Britain and was a daring American naval officer who raided British ports (pg. 179)
 Marquis de Lafayette was a French nobleman; helped the Patriots using his own ship; he expressed his ideas in the Declaration of Independence; he spent winter training troops at Valley Forge; aided Washington in the war.
 Molly Pitcher also accompanied her husband and was known for carrying water pitchers to the soldiers. (pg. 165)
 Nathan Hale was a teacher from Connecticut that proved himself a hero at the Battle of Long Island. He volunteered as a Patriot spy to spy on the British, using a Dutch schoolteacher disguise to do so. His famous words were “I only regret that I have but one life to
James Armistead Slave who spied on Great Britain. Aide of Lafayette
Hessians German Mercenary who fought for Great Britain
Created by: kguilmino225
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