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government institutions and officials organized to establish and carry out public policy
power the possibility of imposing one's will upon the behavior of others
Central concern of all governments power
Public Goods Something given to all members of a society by the government or a different organization.
Private Goods Something that is yours and no one else’s and can be reduced by usage.
Revenue Money taken in by an individual or company after expense. (gain money from citizen, empires took tributes, taxes
Polity Constitutional government in which everyone has a share of power
Nation-States Sovereign states whose citizens speak mostly the same
Sovereignty Total power and authority
Coercion How gov. can use power to force citizens to act in favorable ways
Kingship Government by one virtuous ruler
Tyranny Rule by one lawless ruler
Aristocracy Government by the virtuous few for the good of all
Oligarchy Rule by the wealthy few in their own interest
Democracy Rule by the poor in their own interest
Territorial Integrity A nation-state takes up a specific geographic area, with international recognized barrier.
Stable Population A nation-state has people living permanently within its boundaries.
Code of Laws The people of a nation-state admit to live under a common legal system.
National Sovereignty A nation-state is independent and self-governing.
Nation A group of people who share a common ethnic origin, language, and culture.
State A geographical area controlled by one government.
Social- contract theory People agree to obey a ruler in exchange for the ruler’s promise to protect their rights
Politics activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government
Insitution an organization focused on a moving forward in specific program/use
Procedure methods used to handle specific situations in an organization
Colony an area that is controlled by or belongs to a country and is usually far away from it
Republic a country that is governed by elected representatives and by an elected leader rather than by a king or queen
Gov. always encouraged to build more roads, ports, and canals
Howard Lasswell Who gets, what, when, how
purpose of political activity getting people together individually or together
Political activity for campaigns helps community to find a leader who they will follow, as long as the leader supports and helps play out their ideas
Similarities: Insitution vs gov. An institution’s purpose is to provide all around well-being to its members A government’s purpose is the same and an institution’s, to care for its citizens
How gov. can use power to force citizens to act in favorable ways police ○ courts ○ prison system Helps maintain order+security
Involuntary Services ○ conscription (military drafts) ○ jury duty (mandatory)
Created by: harreguin