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Unit 2 Europe's Expl

Europe's Exploration Study guide

The French's Interest in the settlement of Quebec was based on the desire to profit from the fur trade.
Geography influences where Europeans settled and what they did for a living. How did the abundance of rivers in Europe influence Exploration and Colonization? Rivers make markets available
Need for natural resources, desire to spread the Christian religion, overcrowded cities, desire for more wealth, desire for more trading partners What is most likely result of this list? Resasons that Europeans Explored
Prince Henry “the Navigator” of Portugal gained his famous nickname because he.... Prince Henry the Navigator started a navigational school, funded expeditions, and made advances in cartography.
What does cartography mean? map making
At its height, it was said that “the Sun never sets on the British Empire.” What is the BEST explanation for this saying? Britain controlled land across the globe.
When Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean, he called the people living there “Indians.” Where did he think he had landed? India
The Caribbean became England’s most important colonies due to ________ __________. sugar plantations
Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in present-day _____________. Quebec
Christopher Columbus was important because after his trip, more Europeans traveled to the _____________________. The New World known as America
During European Exploration, Europeans wanted to do what 3 things? spread religion, gain territory, and get rich.
__________________ increased Spanish landholdings by conquering empires like the Aztecs & Incas. conquistadors
What does Conquistador mean? Spanish conqueror
The ___________ explored in order to gain more land, more wealth, more power, and to break the Portuguese trade monopoly in Southeast Asia. The Dutch wanted to break the Portugues trade monopoly in SE Asia
Who coordinated the mathematical and navigational learning of Portugal? Prince Henry the Navigator
It was often said that “The sun never sets on the ________ Empire” because it was so big that the sun was always shining on at least one of its many colonies. British
___________ was built as a fur trading post. Quebec
The three goals of Spanish Exploration are God, ________, and Gold. Glory
Four ______________ advances that made exploration easier were the compass, the astrolabe, the cross-staff, and the caravel. technological
Dutch explorers include both Henry Hudson and _________________. Peter Minuit
In 1607, ___________ became England’s first colony. Jamestown
The reasons for Dutch exploration were more __________ and more wealth and power. land
One of the results of ________________ exploration was that they discovered an eastern route to India (around the Cape of Good Hope). Portuguese
___________________ was an Italian navigator, colonizer and explorer. Christopher Columbus
Portugal was an ideal country to begin exploration because of its long _____________ and many rivers flowing to the Atlantic Ocean. shoreline
What creates many of Europe’s national country borders? Its physical features such as mountains, rivers, and shorelines
Define Columbian Exchange An exchange of people, animals, plants, and diseases between the two hemispheres (western and eastern; Old World and New World)
Why did the Portuguese start sailing along the African coast They were seeking new routes to spice trade in Asia
What country was Prince Henry from Portugal
What were the three contributions Prince Henry made to exploration -Coordinated the mathematical and navigational learning of Portugal (started a school) -emphasized imperial expansion -ordered the first Portuguese expeditions to the Canary Islands and African coast
What was the first European country to engage in the slave trade Portugal
What were the three main reasons for exploration Gold (natural resources), God (spread religion), and glory (personal fame)
Who were the main competitors in the 1600s for colonies Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Netherlands
What were Spanish conquerors called
Who was Spain's early rival in establishing colonies Portugal
What country controlled much of North America, from San Francisco to Panama Spain
What country controlled western and southern South America Spain
What country controlled Brazil Portugal
What country controlled most of Africa's coast
What country controlled the Spice Islands (Indonesia) Netherlands
What country controlled most of the Atlantic coast of North America Great Britain
What country controlled the shores of Hudson Bay Great Britain
What country controlled North America from the St Lawrence River to New Orleans France
What are the four categories of items the Europeans brought to the Americas as part of the Columbian Exchange Farm animals, crops, diseases, slaves
What did the Europeans bring to the Americas that Helped native Americans with labor, hunting, and transportation Horses
What are three items the Europeans took back to Europe from the Americas Potatoes, corn, tobacco
Prince Henry the Navigator Founded a school for navigation. He was Portuguese
Motives of exploration GOD, GOLD, GLORY the three driving forces behind European exploration in North America: to spread religion, find riches, & achieve fame or power 
What was the European's motivation to find new route to Asia? spice trade - cinnamon was more expensive than gold
Having new land improved _____________ and ____________ a nation's economic strength and influence
cartographer a mapmaker --a person who drew maps of newly explored areas based on information brought back by captains and crews
What is economic strength? Having economic power, financial strength, having substantial productive resources.
Why were spices in high demand in Europe? Spices preserved food an improve its flavor (examples: pepper, cinnamon, cloves). They were located in Asia and explorers were looking for a new, shorter route. Also, used for religious and medical purposes.
Christopher Columbus Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to Asia(1451-1506)
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese navigator who led the Spanish expedition of 1519-1522 that was the first to sail around the world.
Vasco de Gama Portuguese explorer who was the first European to sail from Europe to India (1497)--w/ four ships he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of Africa), opening a trade route still used today.
mercantilism An economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought
East India Company An English company formed in 1600 to develop trade with the new British colonies in India and southeastern Asia.
Samuel de Champlain The French soldier and explorer whose leadership earned him the title "Father of New France". He founded the colony of Quebec as a trading post in 1608.
Incas The powerful empire discovered (and conquered) in Peru by Spanish explorers.
Aztecs The powerful empire discovered (and conquered) in Mexico by Spanish explorers.
John Cabot English explorer explored Newfoundland
Who made it possible to sail around the Southern Tip of Africa? Prince Henry the Navigator
Who sailed around the Southern tip of Africa 10 years after Bartholomeu Dias in 1458? Vasco da Gama
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