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Texas History Unit 2

colony A land claimed for and controlled by a distant nation
presidio Spanish settlement built to provide military protection from Native attacks.
mission Spanish settlement built to convert Natives to the Catholic faith
rancho Spanish settlements of large land established for raising cattle
1492 Columbus discovered the New World
Cortez governor of a colony who represents a king
Estevanico North African who survived a shipwreck and explored the southwestern U.S. with Cabeza DeVaca
Cibola Rumored seven cities of gold sought by Spanish explorers
Columbian Exchange the transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Americas and other continents since the time of Columbus
tejano a person of Hispanic descent, who is from Texas
revolution a change in political power, especially the overthrow or replacing of one government or ruler with another
vaquero a ranch hand or cowboy who makes his living raising cattle, sheep, or other animals
cede the transfer of land from one country to another
republic A government where power belongs to the citizens who vote for representatives that will work for the government
filibuster an adventurer who engages in illegal activity in a foreign country
Fray Damian Massanet oversaw the establishment of Spanish missions in East Texas; ordered the burning of San Francisco de Los Tejas
Jose Escandon Governor of Spanish colonies in South Texas for the purpose of keeping out the French
Antonio Margil de Jesus oversaw Spanish missions in East Texas to keep out the French; started the Chicken War
Francisco Hidalgo established the mission of San Francisco de Los Tejas, and asked the French for help
conquistador soldiers & adventurers in search of glory, gold, and land
epidemic outbreak of disease that spreads quickly among a group of people
mustang horse found on the plains of North America originally brought here by the Spanish
Cabeza DeVaca Spanish survivor of the Narvaez expedition who lived with the Karankawa and kept a diary of his experiences
LaSalle French explorer in 1680 who shipwrecked off the coast of Texas after missing the mouth of the Mississippi
Cortez Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs, finding gold and colonizing New Spain
Coronado Spanish explorer who searched the plains of Texas for the 7 cities of gold in 1540
Pineda Spanish explorer who mapped the coastline of Texas in 1519
Moscoco Spanish explorer who took over after DeSoto's death to lead his men back to New Spain through Texas in 1542
1519 year that Spanish explorers first reached Texas, creating a map of the coastline
DeSoto Spanish conquistador who explored the interior of North America in 1540 before dying on the banks of the Mississippi River
Expedition a journey undertaken by a group of people with a definite purpose
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