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Progressive Era test


Susan B Anthony leader in the movement for suffrage
recall recall a government official
initiative amount of say people have - right to write a bill for viewing by legislature
referendum accepted or rejected the initiative
jane addams hull house for immigrants - settlement house - learn life skills and whatnot
Illinois factory act of 1893 no child labor, limited workday
muller vs oregon limited people to a 10 hour workday
17th amendment direct election of senators
18th amendment prohibition
19th amendment women's suffrage
William McKinley president before Roosevelt, 7 mil acres of land set aside, assassinated
leon czolgosz shot mckinley (anarchy)
square deal control railroads, regulate big business, conserve land, social reforms
election of 1912 Taft, Roosevelt, and Wilson. Progressive party (bull moose) was roosevelt, he wanted to take away taft's power because he wasn't conserving enough and whatever. Wilson was a democrat, Taft and Roosevelt were both republicans but wilson won
upton sinclair the jungle
jacob riis photographer - how the other half lives
Created by: lieren13e