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U.S History Ch.2

Chapter 2 section 2 ; English settlement and Jamestown.

John Smith wanted to be a _____. He helped Hungary fight the ____. Soldier; Turks. (Turkey)
As he returned to England in 1604, what was his plan? To plant an English colony in North America.
What threatened North America settlement? Disease and starvation.
King James I granted a charter to what two joint stock companies? Virginia companies of London, and Plymouth.
English Monarch would get how much gold and silver founded by colonists? 1/5.
In April 1607, Three ships pushed out of the English harbor heading to North America, reached a small peninsula they named and claimed as __________. Jamestown.
Why was the start of Jamestown settlement a disaster? Disease from the water of the river, and hunger began to occur.
By 1607, how many colonists remained alive? 38 Colonists.
From where/Whom did the town receive food and support? Powhatan.
What did the Virginia company do in 1609 to the colonists? Dispatch them to Jamestown. (600 people including women and children)
What happened to the conditions of Jamestown in the Winter of 1609? 1. Starving time a) Colonists ate roots, rats, snakes, and boiled shoe leather. b) Only 60 survived.
What did the colonists call the item that saved them from failure? Why? Brown Gold, because it exported over 1.5 million pounds to England yearly.
To grow tobacco, Virginia company needed a key ingredient- which was? Field laborers.
Virginia company introduced the Headright system in 1618; how did that attract the larger families to the colony? 1. New arrival get 50 acres of land and another 50 for each family member who moved. a) most who arrived became indentured servants (laborer or tradesmen)
What is an Indentured Servant? What are the benefits of having one? Temporary slave; Settlers wouldn't have to do work.
Who did Pocahontas marry in 1614? John Rolfe.
In 1624, James I made Virginia a Royal Colony- one under control of whom? The King.
Irishmen were forbidden to wear English apparel or weapons upon pain of death. True or False? True.
Irish and English were allowed to marry. True or False? False.
Who is Nathaniel Bacon? Son of a rich Englishman.
When did the House of Burgesses first meet? How many citizens came from each 11 districts? Only who could vote? 1)Met July,30 1619. 2) 2 citizens. 3) White male land owners.
Why did the Powhatan decide not to kill John Smith? Pocahontas saved Smith's life.
Why did the first settlement have to be successful? Trust had to be built between the Natives and the Englishmen.
What conflicts did the separatists have in the new world? To protest.
Who sailed on the Mayflower? The Pilgrims.
John Winthrop claimed to create what? A city upon a hill.
Roger Williams argued to worship your conscience; which meant no claim to who's land? Native Lands.
Who was Anne Hutchinson? When was she banished? No church or ministers, wanted to have Women's rights. Banished in 1637.
Whats the Pequot War? Wanted to convert Natives to Christianity.
King Philips war was to make what for Sundays? No hunting or work.
Created by: JennySzabo