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U.S. History Unit 1

Main Ideas

Columbus sailed for _____ . Spain.
How did the European have their lives? (what kind of families, Religion, Occupation, Goals) Nuclear families; mom/dad/kids. Catholic. Poor farmers. Wealth, serve god, and supply family and the King.
From whom did Christopher Columbus receive support from? Isabella and Ferinand (Spain) - Goal to find India and Christianize.
What is the date Columbus sailed? August 3rd, 1492.
What place did Columbus seek? The West Indies.
Where did Columbus land? Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispaniola.
What were Columbus's ships names? Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.
Who traveled with Columbus? 1st trip: Sailors 2nd: Lower class nobles 3rd: Peasants, businessmen, and priests. 4th: Many more colonizers.
Starts Columbian Exchange; dominates life in the _____'s 1500's.
African Lives around 1492? (Family, Religion, Occupation, Goal) Large Family. Some animistic/polythestic. Farmers/Traders. Please god or Allah,help family and chief of tribe.
Conflict/cooperation between Africa and Natives? Conflict: Different religion, Tribal councils made decisions, Chief made decisions. Cooperation: Large families, and serve God.
Conflict/cooperation between Africa and Europe? Conflict: Big family vs. Small family. Coop. : Farmers and serve God.
Conflict/cooperation between Europe and Natives? Conflict: Small family vs. Big Family. Coop. : Serve God.
How were the Spanish successful? 1.Superior weapons 2. Natives willing to sacrifice peers for money and status. 3. Cortez overcame the Aztec empire 4. Force Natives to labor in fields. 5. Diseases wiped out tribes. (ex. small pox) 6. Changed culture, heritage, and ethnicity
St. Augustine was founded in 1595 to protect who from intruders? Spanish.
Pope's rebellion did what? Burned Christian churches, killed priests, burned homes, and drove back Spanish rule for 14 years.
What were the Navigation Acts? No countries could trade with the colonies unless it's on English ships.
How were Natives effective against the British Military? They killed almost the entire military base.
Name some tribes who fought in French and Indian war? Ojibewa, Heron, and Ottowa.
Reason why England lost control of colonies? Favorable Balance of Trade.
Created by: JennySzabo