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History Unit #2

endure lasting
fetid having a fowl or rotten smell.
slave codes laws passed in the colonies to control slaves.
anachronism An error in time or place.
pilgrim A member of a Puritan Separatist sect that left England in the early 1600s to settle in the Americas.
Great migration A time where many people left England. They went to English colonies in New England and the Caribbean.
Puritan Protestants who wanted to reform the church of England.
City on a Hill Speech given by John Winthrop to Puritans to encourage them to be a model or example for the world.
quakers Protestant sect founded in the 1640s in England whose members believed that salvation was available to all people.
scourge punishment, made to suffer.
refuge A safe place.
religious tolerance Accept or permitting other's religious beliefs different from your own.
religious persecution Mistreatment of someone based on their religion.
immigrant A person who moves to another country after leaving his or her own homeland.
mayflower compact A document written by pilgrims establishing themselves as a political society and setting guidelines for self-government.
English Bill of Rights A shift of political power from British monarchy to Parliament.
triangular trade A trading network in which goods and slaves moved among England, The American colonies, and Africa.
middle passage A voyage that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America and the West Indies
allocate Given out in portions according to plan.
vehement Forceful, with intensity.
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