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England was very interested into starting____ in the New World Colonies
One of their first attempts was in Jamestown in____ Virginia
This was a_____colony Charter colony
This meant that they were sent there on a mission from the_____ unfortunately, things did not go well for the settlers DUN DUN DUNN King
Problem: they arrives to close to.. Why its a problem:_______ They arrived to close to winter They did not have enough time to plant crops for the winter to use for winter
People ended up VERY HUNGARY, their first winter was known as the_____ STARVING TIME, because 80% of the colonist died from starvation/sickness
Problem#2 They settled in a___ Why is it a problem____? They settled in swamp The land wasn't good for farming There was very little fresh water There was disease carrying mosquitoes
Problem#3 most of the settlers were gentlemen Why was this a problem and what were gentlemen back then? Gentlemen were rich noble men and a not hard workers because they are selfish and greedy. Nobody was willing do the hard work necessary to survive
Problem#4____________________________________ Why was this a problem? Why was this a problem? They were fighting with Natives The people of Jamestown did not have the ability to defend themselves well, They did not have experience or good enough health
Solutions:______ Eventually john Smith decide to start a work for food program. This meant you wouldn't get food unless you actually worked to earn it. They started to grown there own instead of relying on the Natives. They also started growing tabacco to make some $$$
In 1607 a group of rich English people formed a group called the____. They hoped to find___ resources to sell in England. They paid a group of settlers to go and find these resources. It was called the Virginia Company. They wanted to find VALUEABLE recourses
Settlers receive written promotion from the King, settlers have a lot of say over how the colony is run, the charter he gives you says objectives that the king wants you to follow. What type of colonial government is this? CHARTER COLONY
England/King has total control over the colony, the King selects a lead on his own. What type of colonial government is this? Royal Colony
The King gives some land to a person or group those people get to decide how to use the land. What colonial government is this?
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