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SS- 8th grade

Unit 1-2 Vocabulary

colony settlement of emigrants under the control of the mother country
charter document granted by a ruler, giving certain rights/privileges to an individual or group
emigrant one who leaves his/her homeland to settle elsewhere
Puritans English Protestants who worshiped simply and followed strict rules of conduct
compact solemn agreement
proprietor person or group granted by the king the right to establish and/or control a colony
monarchy government ruled by a king or queen
merchant person who earns a living by selling things
barter exchange of goods and services without money
subsistence agriculture production of only enough food to feed the farming family
yeoman small southern farmer who worked his own land (without slaves or, at most, one or two)
mercantilism economic principle that a country's power is based on wealth (and colonies bring wealth)
market country where goods can be sold, where there is a demand for products
monopoly exclusive control of trade
profits gains from the sale of products
pacifist one opposed to war and violence
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