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Exploration and stuf

Middle Ages, religions, Protestant movement, explorations, etc.

Considered to be the founder of Judaism, Christianity and Islam also claim to be descended from this person Abraham
This is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca that is expected of all Muslims. Hajj
After centuries of persecution, this Roman Emperor made Christianity the official religion of the empire. Constantine
This series of wars saw the Christian armies of Europe attempting to take control of the Holy Land from the Islamic Turks. Crusades
This trade route allowed spices and silk to be carried over land, though at great expense and danger. Silk Road
This man became the first to successfully form another denomination separate from the Catholic Church. Martin Luther
Christian churches that separated from the Catholic church are known as what? Protestant churches.
What invention by Gutenberg allowed the 95 Theses to be rapidly introduced across Europe? The printing press
This time period saw artists, scientists, and philosophers look to human potential and reason to solve problems Renaissance.
This Portuguese prince started a university to spur innovations in sailing. Prince Henry the Navigator
This explorer was the first to successfully reach Asia by sailing around the tip of Africa. Vasco da Gama
Christopher Columbus convinced what country that he could reach Asia faster by sailing around the world. Spain
The first man whose crew successfully circumnavigated the globe was? Ferdinand Magellan
Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first European to see and name what body of water? Pacific Ocean
The movement of goods, plants, animals, diseases, and ideas between the Old World and New World as a result of exploration is known as what? The Columbian Exchange
Through deceit and with the help of a smallpox outbreak, Hernan Cortez conquered which of the Native American Empires? The Aztec
Francisco Pizarro was looking for wealth, glory, and gold when he conquered what empire? The Inca
What was the main economic activity of French settlers in the Americas? Fur trapping
Early non-Spanish explorers were usually looking for a water route past North America. What was this route called? The Northwest Passage
What was Coronado looking for when he explored the American Southwest? Mythical cities of gold.
Ponce de Leon was trying to find the Fountain of Youth in which U.S. state? Florida
Sailing for both the English and the Dutch, this explorer made several trips to the New World before being left in a rowboat by his crew in a bay named after him. Henry Hudson
What are the small boats made from skins used by many tribes of the far north? Kayaks
A ceremony practiced by some tribes of the Northwest in which the host gives gifts to his guests is known as what? Potlatch
Made up of five nations, this Native American group had women chose the sachem, or tribal chief. The Iroquois
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