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indoor soccer

How Long is the duration of an indoor soccer game? Most Games are divided into 4 15 minute quarters for a total of a 60 minute play time.
If an indoor soccer game is tied how much time will be added onto the clock? an extra 15 minutes.
how many players may be active? 6 players at a time. One or whom is the goalie and the others are either defensive players or forwards
what are the Fields like? rectangular or ob longed shape with artificial turf floors. The size is generally smaller than a soccer field and with recessed goals in the walls
Rules: there are 6 no slide tackling, no touching with hands accept goalie, no body contact, no charging from behind, and no pushing, and no off sides.
name 5 skills: dribbling, passing, trapping,tackling, goal keeping
LIFE QUESTION: what does the acronym LIFE stand for? Lifelong individualized fitness education
LIFE QUESTION:What is physical Fitness? The ability of your body systems to work together efficiently to allow you to be healthy and effectively preform activities of daily life.
LIFE QUESTION: What does physical fitness do for a person? It allows you to preform every day activities and still have enough energy to enjoy other activities.
LIFE QUESTION: What are the benefits of physical fitness? Keeps you free from illness and you remain in healthy shape.