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Exploration and Colonization Exam Review

In what year was the Magna Carte=a written? 1215.
Which English colonial region had the best climate for agriculture? The Southern colony.
What were the three goals of colonization? A.To spread Christianity. B.To establish wealth. C.To expand their empire.
What are the three Unalienable Rights? A.Life B.Liberty C.The Pursuit of Happiness.
What Era are we studying at this moment? Exploration and Colonization.
Why were the French so interested in the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes Region? Because they were mainly fur trappers.
In what year was Jamestown fiunded?What present day state is located? 1607,Virginia.
What action supported Wiliiam Penn's belief in a limited government? Pennsylvania's first constitution.
What are the three main crops grown by the south? Indigo,Rice,Tabacco.
In what colonial areas did these groups settle? Catholics-Maryland Puritans-Massachuestts Quakers-Pennsylvania The Dutch-New York
What was the primary cause of economic differences between the colnial regions of North America? Because North America were close to the Ocean.
The name of the Native American that helped John Smith and the Jamestown colony survive in the Virginia colony? Pocahontas
Slaves and Free Blacks were alike in the fact that neither had the right to ____ in the colonies. Vote.
What was a begining factor in the development of the Transatlantic Slave Trade? It began when a labor forvce was needed for the plantations in the West Indies.
What geographic feature acted as a barrier to westward settlement? Agriculture.
What Powhatans princess helped John Smith and his Jamestown settlement survive in virginia? Pocahontas.
What role did the religion play in the spread of self-government in the North American colonies? The Quakers.
Who is credited with discovering the Americas? Christopher Columbus.
1. 2. 3. 4. Place these events in chronological order. 1.Founding of Jamestown. 2.The Virginia House of Burgesses 3.Mayflower Compact 4.Orders of Connecticut.
Created by: sllooper