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US His 5

Frederick Jackson Turner Historian who said that the frontier had been an outlet for ambitious Americans
Matthew Perry Naval commodore who sailed into Tokyo Bay, Japan, in 1853
Queen Liliuokalani Last monarch of Hawaii
Alfred T. Mahan Military historian who emphasized the need for a strong navy
Imperialism Policy by which strong nations extend control over weaker countries and territories
Extractive economy Economy in which an imperial country removed raw materials from its colonies to be used in foreign industries
Why did the United States want overseas territories? New customers to buy US products
What new relationship with Hawaii did Congress approve in 1898? Annexation
Life consists of competitive struggles in which only the strong survive. Social Darwinism
Newspapers that used sensational headlines and exaggerated stories to promote readership Yellow Press
Group of rugged westerners and upperclass easterners who fought during the Spanish American War under Roosevelt in Cuba-Remebered for charge up San Jaun Hill Rough Riders
Cuban patriot who launched a war for independence from spain in 1895 Jose' Marti'
Aggressive nationalism and a support for warlike foreign policy Jingoism
May 1, 1898-destroyed Spanish fleet in Manilla Bay, Philippines George Dewey
Newspaper owner whos articles heightened the publics' dislike of the Spanish William Randolph Hearst
The 1898 Treaty of Paris delt with which territory or territories? Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines
Teller Amendment US could not annex Cuba
Amilio Aguinaldo Fillipino nationalist freedom fighter who fought Spain and the United States
Presidential candidate-ran on anti-imperalist platform William Jennings Bryan
Revolt of Chinese against foreign missionaries and foreign diplomat district in Bejing, China Boxer Rebellion
Sphere of influence A weaker country controled by a more powerful outside country
Guerrilla warefare Surprise hit and run attacks
Part of his job was to explain to European nations and Japan that the US expected to have equal rights to trade with China Secretary of State John Hay
Group of battleships that traveled from foreign port to foreign port demonstrating US naval power to the world Great White Fleet
Why did Gov. Taft limit self-rule in the Philipines? To restore order
Jones Act Free Philippines from Japanese occupation
Open Door Policy designed to provide access to trade in China
Theodore Roosevelt Won Nobel Peace Prize for his part in the negotiations to end the Russo-Japanese War
Platt Amendment Restricted rights of newly freed Cubas from signing a treaty with any other country without approval of United States also brought Cubas within the US Sphere of Influence
Francisco Pancho Villa Mexican Leader who was persued by US General John J. Pershing
Dollar Diplomacy Pres. Taft's policy to imvest US dollars in foreign countries
Foraker Act Determined the form of government in Puerto Rico
Roosevelt Corollary US should act as Latin American police power-to intervene and restore order when necessary
Big Stick diplomacy Pres. T. Roosevelt's policy which depended on a strong military approach to achieve US goals
Which countries had their rights restricted after the Spanish-American War? Cubans and Puerto Ricans
Why did the United States back the Panamanian rebels? To gain access to the Canal Zone in Panama
Moral Diplomacy Woodrow Wilson's foreign policy that favoring human rights, equality, honor and understanding, but still using military intervention occasionally
Porfirio Diaz Mexican dictator
Governor of Philippines in 1901 William Howard Taft
Social Darwinism Life is a competition in which only the strongest survive
Jingoism Aggressive form of nationalism
William Randoiph Hearst Owner of New York Journal newspaper who supported Spanish-American War
Who negotiated a US-Japan treaty that allowed trade with Japan after he sailed into Tokyo Bay? Navy Commodore Matthew Perry
Hawaii was annexed to the US when... King Kalakaua changed the constitution in 1887
Rough Riders Unit led by Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish American War who were best known for their charge up San Jaun hill in Cuba
When did the Philippines gain their independence? At the end of WWII
Why did the US want to end Europe's sphere of influence in China? To keep trade in China open for the US
Why did Pres. Roosevelt send troops to support Panamanian Rebels? Colombia wanted more money that the US was willing to pay, so the US decided to suppost the rebels in hopes they would gain freedom and allow the US to build the Panama Canal.
Sphere of Influence The privileged access by Britian, France, Germany and Russia to trade in China
When was the Hawaiin Queen Liliyokalani overthrown and Hawaii was anexed to the US? 1893
Who lead an attack on Spanish ships in Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War? Navy Commodore George Dewey
Volunteer calvery unit in Spanish-American war Rough Riders
Philippines was granted independence for US 1946
Wanted open trade with China United States
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