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13 c.imp. dates n p.

social studies

New England : Connecticut,New Hamsphire,Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Middle colonies New York,New Jersey,Penssylvania and Delaware
Southern Colonies Virginia,Maryland,North Carolina,South Carolina and Georgia
1607 Jamestown founded off the coast of present day Virginia: First permanent English settlement in North America
1620 Plymouth is founded in present day Massachusetts by the pilgrims; sign the may flower compact
1776 The year that we declared independence from England,United states is created and the Declaration of independence is written on July 4th
1787 founding fathers meet in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention. Our current Constitution is written.
1803 The Louisiana Territory is purchased from France by president Thomas Jefferson, Double the size of the United states
1861-1865 The American Civil War is fought between the North and the South
GEORGE WASHINGTON Commanding General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, President of the Constitution Convention,1st president of the United States
Thomas Jeffferson Diplomat during the American Revolution ,2nd Wrote the Declaration of independence 2nd Vice president , 3rd President of the United States, purchased the Louisiana Territory
John Adams Diplomat during the American Revolution ,1st vice president , 2nd president of the United States ,
James Madison Considered the father of the constitution , 4th president of the United States , Served as president during the War of 1812
Benjamin Franklin Inventor,philosopher , and diplomat for the United States of America. Responsible for negotiating a treaty with France to aid the United States during the American Revolution.
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