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Natives & Settlement

8-1.1 and 8-1.2

Another name for Spanish explorers. Conquistadores
The first European (Spanish) settlement in South Carolina San Miguel de Gualdape
Religious movement that split the Catholic Church, led by Martin Luther Protestant Reformation
The regulation of trade for the benefit of the government Mercantilism
Established settlement by French on Port Royal (present day Parris Island) Charlesfort
Spain’s 2nd attempt at settlement; attacked by Native Americans; located at present day Beaufort San Felipe
Name given to European people who split from the Catholic Church Protestant
Area of vast forest that was home to Native Americans of South Carolina Eastern Woodlands
The economy of this region was based on lumber, ship building, and trade New England Colonies
This region had large plantations that used slave labor Southern Colonies
This region was nicknamed the breadbasket colonies Middle Colonies
Provided land to anyone who paid their own passage to the New World Headright System
Corn, beans, and squash Three Sister Crops
This Spanish explorer came through South Carolina on his way to the Mississippi River Hernando De Soto
Eastenwoodland Indians hunted with these Bows and Arrows
Native American group lived in the foothills of the Blue Ridge region of South Carolina? Cherokee Indians
"River People" Lived in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina Catawba Indians
Came to South Carolina from Spanish Florida to escape slavery by the Spanish Governor Yemassee Indians
The first successful, permanent settlement in South Carolina Charles Town
A person who came to America under the Headright System to work a period of time to pay for passage to the New World. Indentured Servant
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