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1st 6 Weeks LT 21

Vocab for Geography, Texas Natives, and Explorers

Geography Study of the Earth
Landforms The shapes of the land
Climate The average weather of a place over 20 to 30 years
Vegetation The plant life in a certain area
Drought A long period of time in which rain falls at a much slower rate
Physical Geography The study of the land and its features
Human Geography The study of the people and their ways
Culture The customs, ideas, beliefs, and skills of a people
Pre-History The time before written records
Hunter-Gathers People who survive by searching for wild plants and animals to eat
Nomads(Nomadic) People who wander from place to place in search of food
Sedentary People that permanently live in one place
Allies People who help each other in order to benefit them both
Adobe Mix of wet clay and straw that is made into bricks and hardened in the sun
Pueblos Large Native American homes made of adobe
Indigenous people who are native to a particular place
Reconquista Spain's efforts tovtake the land back from the Moors
Conquistadors Leaders in the Spanish conquest of the Americas
Tribute A payment of food and other valuables
Shaman Native American healers
Bison Buffalo
Northwest Passage A water route that any explorers believed was a shortcut to Asia through North America
Mutiny A revolt of soldiers or sailors against their leaders
Created by: gracieluelue