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Review of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 review

John White believe the Roanoke settlers may have moved to Croatoan
Virginia Dare the name of the first child born in the American colonies
What religion taught that all people were equal Quakers
King James took over Jamestown after it was not making a profit and it became a _________ colony Royal
Who led the Puritans and found established the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1630 John Winthrop
What was an outcome of King Phillip’s War The war destroyed the power of the Native Americans in New England. Colonial settlement expanded.
Name the crop grown in Jamestown Tobacco
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The name of the first written Constitution
Define indentured servant People who paid for their passage to America with labor.
What colony’s founder advertised the new colony throughout Europe Pennsylvania
A document granting the recipient the right to settle a colony A charter
After Henry VII’s break from the Catholic Church, citizens were called Protestants
people from what continent were enslaved people Africa
New York was once called? New Amsterdam
What is the name of the colony that William Penn allowed some of Pennsylvania’s southern countries to function as Delaware
Settlers granted land by the Dutch West India Company patroons
What does the term “religious tolerance” mean? the ability to accept or put up with different religions
What colony was named after an island in the English Channel New Jersey
Define the word, “dominate”. to control
John Locke wrote what colony's Constitution? Carolina
Protestants who wanted to REFORM the Anglican Church were called Purtians
A large area of land with one owner, given in Maryland An estate
Burgesses are Elected Representatives
James Olgethorpe founded? Georgia
What was the Act of Toleration? Granted Catholics and Protestants the right to worship freely in Maryland
The Massachusetts Bay colony was granted a charter a colony north of Boston
Nathaniel Bacon led a revolt against the government of what colony Virginia
In what colony was religious tolerance first practiced? Rhode Island
Who developed indigo in the 1740s Eliza Lucas
What did William Penn design Philadelphia (the city of Brotherly Love)
Who was Captain John Smith? English settler responsible for the survival of Jamestown
What did passengers on the Mayflower call themselves? Why? Pilgrims because they were on a religious pilgrimage
Who was Sir Walter Raleigh? Englishman who gave Virginia its name
Where was the colony of Roanoke? Off the coast of North Carolina
Which colony was established as a place for debtors to make a fresh start Georgia
Who was Sir Francis Drake? English pirate who stole from the Spanish
Who founded Jamestown? The Virginia Company
Who was John White? Leader of the Roanoke settlement
What was Pocahontas’ role in Jamestown? She saved John Smith’s life. John Smith found a way to grow crops.
Who was John Rolfe? English colonist who married Pocahontas
What was the last British colony established? Georgia
How did Squanto and Samoset help the Pilgrims? Taught the pilgrims how to farm
What led to the formation of colonies outside of Massachusetts in New England? A lack of religious tolerance by the Puritans
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