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Mesopotamia Notes

What are most of the houses in Mesopotamia made of? Mud Bricks and Reeds
Why was it bad if it flooded on a farm? The river water had salt which harmed the way that the plants grew and harvested because the salt got into the soil.
What did Mesopotamian farmers use to correct the mineral balance? More Flooding and Crop Rotation
Did Mesopotamian's invent the wheel? Yes, however China did also.
How did the Mesopotamian's come up with the idea of creating wheels? They started with rolling logs and added a sledge on top and you pulled. This was easier the transport heavy or large items.
True or False? The Tigris and Euphrates rivers flooded unpredictably due to rain and melted snow from the Zagros Mountains. True
Did the Mesopotamian's create/invent the shadoof? Yes
What was the shadoof used for? Transporting water to irrigation canals.
Enough ________ led to more jobs. food
True or False? Mesopotamia was hilly in between the rivers. No. It was flat.
Why was it good to have flat land? Because your irrigation will be great. If your irrigation is great then you will have crops surplus.
Who does Mesopotamia trade with? Indus Valley
What do they trade? They trade their farm items for precious rocks, metals, and stones.
What are the three types of people? Syrians, Babylonians, Assyrians
Where is Ur? Southern Mesopotamia- by the Persian Gulf
Created by: mporterfield3