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WH- Explorers

What were 4 leading European countries during the age of exploration? 1. Spain 2. France 3. Portugal 4. England
What did the Europeans hope to find? 1. Wealth, Riches, Gold. 2. Find an all-water route to Asia.
Why were the Spanish successful in conquering Native American Empires? 1. Better technology/weapons 2. Conquistadors(brutal!) 3. Allies 4. Invisible Allies, European diseases
What were the positive and negative consequences of the Columbian Exchange? Positive- Livestock/ Crops Negative- Disease (Native American Deaths)
Who was the first person to find an all water route to Asia? Vasco de Gama
Who reached the Cape of Good Hope? Bartoleme Dias
Who discovered the Hudson rive and bay? Henry Hudson
First person to Circumnavigate the globe? Ferdinand Magellan
Who conquered the Aztec Empire? Hernando Cortes
Who was the first person to discover the Pacific Ocean and claim it for Spain? Balboa
Created by: briahnae2014