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history of health

important people

who is Clara Barton? founder of the American red cross in 1881
who used acupuncture to relieve pain and congestion? the Chinese
who is Marie Curie? she isolated radium in 1910
artist who used dissection to draw the human body. Leonardo da Vinci and Michal Angelo
what was the dark ages about? emphasis was placed on saving the soul and study of medicine was prohibited
what was the retro virus HIV
who was the father of medicine? Hippocrates
who is Joseph Lister? started using disinfectants and antiseptics during surgery.
list 4 things diseases that shortened the life span of individuals in the middle ages 1)smallpox 2)tuberculosis 3)typhoid 4)diphtheria
who was Florence nightingale? founder of nursing
who discovered the x-ray? and was it by mistake or on purpose? William roentgen and it was by mistake?
who invented the bifocals Benjamin franklin
what is pasteurization? and who discovered it? the killing of bacteria with heat and Louis Pasteur.
who used sanitation? the romans
who developed penicillin? alexander Fleming
when was AIDS identified? in the 20s century (1980)
what prevent infection? hygiene
what did ancient people think was the cause of disease and illness? supernatural spirits and demons.
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