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U.S. 3.1

Legislature A law-making body(group of people)
House of Burgesses First elected legislature in the English colonies that had self-government
Slavery The practice of owning another person
Cash Crop A crop grown to be sold,and not used by the farmer. Often become the biggest money maker for the colony. Tobacco in Virginia
John Smith He helped lead Jamestown in its early days and is credited with helping it survive
Colony An area under the direct control of another country
self-government Idea that a group of people should be able to make their own decisions and laws
Indentured Servants People who paid for their trip to the colonies by agreeing to work for someone for a number of years
Tobacco Plant introduced to the settlers by the Native Americans; it became popular in Europe
Jamestown First permanent English colony in North America; as it grew it became the Virginia Colony.
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