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What New Technology was Formed? Compass, Astrolab, caravel
What is an astrolabe? Determine the ships latitude.
What is a carvel? New type of ship.
What economics were there? Mercantilism
Technology and Economics led to? Exploring.
Dias and de Gama were? Explorers who found spices and made money.
Where did Columbus sail to ? Attempted to sail to India.
Where did America Vespucci sail to? America.
Where did John Cabot sail to? England
Where did Magellan sail to? Spain.
What is one thing Magellan is known for? Navigating the whole world.
Pueblos means? Town
Where did the Pueblos build there houses? In the mountains for protection.
How big were the Pueblos villages? 2-3 Families
What did the Pueblos do for organization? Council.
Where did the Mound Builders live? midwest-east/
What did the Mound Builders live in? Mountains
What did the Mound Builders do? Trade.
How man cultures are there of the Mound Builders? 2 separate cultures.
Who dominated in Easter Woodland Indians? Women
Who did the Easter Woodland Indians first encounter? Swedish Europeans
The Easter Woodland Indians had great what? Skills.
Name on tribe. Cherokee
Indian tribes could be? friendly or aggressive.
The indians organized what? A league of Nations
Where did Indians live? South west.
Who was marco polo? explored Chine Got spices and unlimited gold
Who was Magellan? determined to reach the spice land by sailing East of the Americas. Set out from Spain w/ 5ships
John Cabot Orginally Giovanni Cabato Reaches New foundland in a passage to China Sailed again and never returned
Amerigo Vespucci Sailed after coloumbus America named after him by a german map maker.
Coloumbus believed the world was round Miscalculations led to the Bahamas not Japan Sailed Three thousand miles.
Vasco Da Gama followed dias discovery by sailing to India. Went to Portugal returned w/ spice woth 60x his expedition coast.
WHo was Martin Luther? Leader of Protestant Reformation.
Protestant Reformation Religious movement that began to reform the Roman Catholic Church. Christians should not depend on other for spiritual health and well being. Christians free from roman Catholics.
John Calvin. One of the first Protestant Reformation leaders. Taught that salvation was god works and sinner need to trust god. Attempted to restructure society so everyone experience the Renwal of Reformation. Emphasized education.
Beringa Land bridge from Alaska to Russia.
Pueblo Indians were? farmers
Conquistadores told of seven cities of gold and spanish conquerers.
Five Civilized Tribes Were... Cheerokee,Chickasaws Choctaws,Creeks, Semioles.
Eastern Woodland Tribe Women dominated First to encounter Swedish Europeans Had developed skills.
Hernando Cortes first great conquistador went to Mexico.
Montezuma tried his hand at conquest instead of running errands for Cuba.
Francisco de Coronado. Discovered the Grand Canyon.
Juan Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth. Sailed northwest.
Hernando de Soto Veteran of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Indians
Phillip II Spain's Catholic King. Destroyed his Own Country Because he did whatever the church told him to do Fought the english
Francis Drake Helped fight for Queen Elizabeth. ( sea dog.)
Queen Elizabeth Protestant. English Won the war with Spain. Celebrate by thanking God Whos favors Protestant
Sea Dogs. Drake and Hawkins commanding the Golden Hind. that followed the coarse of South America.
Spanish Armanda 130 ships and 30,000 men enterend the ENglish Channel. Drake used fire ships to break up the spanish.
Walter Raleigh Compiled a list of complaints for queen elizbeth favoring organization for North American colonies. Sponsored expedition colonist to go to North America.
Roanoke Island Where the colonist settled.
Lost Colony. Never been determined but likely colonist were killed, starved, or carried off by Indians. (croatans)
New France. Canada. Traders and Trappers.
New Netherland Dutch. Discovered by Henry Hudson and later called New York.
Peter Stuyvesant. Most famous governor of New Netherland and was one legged.
New Sweden. Small colony in Delaware. Discovered by Peter Minuit.
Peter Minuit. Former governor or New Netherlands and first governor of New Sweden.
Differences between Indians and Europeans Europeans considered Indian culture priminitive. Indians had minimal technology. Indian groups had numerous languages. Different houses.
WHo was the most peaceful of Native American tribes? The Hopis.
What kind of houses did the Native Americans live in? Rectangular, teepees, dome wood frames, caves, and cliffs.
What did the pope do that effected exploration? Drew a lone of demarcation between Portugal and Spain. English think this is stupid.
How were english ships built? They did not have much wood so they were small.
How were the spanish ships built? Larger and cannon holes were much higher so in order to aim the waves had to be just right.
Who discovered New Jersey and How? The Earl of Jersey and won in a game like poker to the Duke of York
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