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H2 Unit Test Georgia

Unit Test Study Guide for Georgia Studies

The Charter of 1732 did not allow... slavery, catholics, lawyers, & Liquor dealers
Georgia's first settlement, on Yamacraw bluff, is near present day... Savannah
What was the main reason Oglethorpe wanted to form a colony for the poor? He had a friend who died in debtor's prison.
What is the main reason Great Britain established the colony of Georgia? Defense or "buffer state" for South Carolina, protection from Spanish and native Americans.
The Charter of 1732 DID allow Methodists, Highland Scots, Salzbergers, Jews to settle in Georgia
Georgia settlers were required to grow mulberry trees on a portion of their land.
Tomochichi was important to the founding of Georgia because... He became friends with Oglethorpe and allowed settlers to land on Yamacraw bluff.
Where did Oglethorpe land, and on what river? Yamacraw bluff, Savannah river
The Charter of 1732 is important because It laid out the policies and rules for the new colony.
Mary Musgrove was important because she interpreted for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Georgias trustees could not own land, profit from their work, or hold political office.
Salzburger's first settled at Ebenezer, GA
The Salzberger's were extremely religious group of German protestants who immigrated to Georgia
Georgia's main threat came from The spanish who lived in Georgia
The Battle of Bloody Marsh was important because it was the start of a safe southern border for the British from the Spanish in Florida
The Highland Scots were Scottish clansmen recruited for military purposes
The Malcontents impacted Georgia by revolting against the rules about land, slavery, and alcohol, helping change rules in colony
Savannah was founded by James Oglethorpe, built using new European ideas which made land distribution a fair process
What were the people called who complained about Georgias policies? Malcontents
The first royal governor of Georgia John Reynolds
Who controlled Georgia when it became a royal colony? Great Britain's King
One of John Reynold's major accomplishments as Governor Court system
Second Royal Governor of Georgia Henry Ellis
Georgia's first government as royal colony bicameral legislature
When slavery and land ownership rules changed many colonist who were malcontent returned to Georgia
Four main events of the trustee period, in chronological order colonial charter signed, Savannah established, Salzberger's arrived, Malcontents arrived
The Charter of 1732 stated colony was to be governed by A board of trustees
The charter of 1732 ensured the colony of Georgia would have strict rules about land ownership and work.
The Trustees ruled from 1733-1752. While they ruled there was no elected assembly to make laws.
Created by: nrchastain