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Poli Si- Topic 1

Section 1

What are the 5 characteristics of the American Political System? Conflict, Competition, Cooperation, Community, Compromise
Describe the characteristic of the American Political System, "Conflict" we have a consitutional democracy with opposing views
Describe the characteristic of the American Political System, "Competition" we compete for favorable outputs of government
Describe the characteristic of the American Political System, "Cooperation" the system requires compromise for anything to happen
Describe the characteristic of the American Political System, "Community" we have a pluralistic society comitted to the democratic concept that all men are created equal
What type of socitey do we have? Pluralistic
Describe the characteristic of the American Political System, "Compromise" fuels cooperation
What kind of democracy does America have? constitutional
Describe what having a consitutional democracy in America means- it is a democracy of the people, for the people, by the people
What percent of people are making the decisions in government? 6%
Plato viewed man as ________ and truth as _________ rational; universal
What did Plato believe about government? that there were natural class divisions of society, and the Philosopher Kings governed in accordance with Truth, with application of human reason
What is law to Plato? not truth, based on custom
What did Plato write? "The Republic"
Aristotle, along with Plato, viewed man as _________ rational
How did Aristotle view government? in order for man to be fully human you had to participate in the carrying out of governings of the state
What did Aristotle believe about "good government" it is that which rules to benefit the whole of society
What did Aristotle believe about "bad government" & what is another word he used to call it perversion; it rules to enrich itself
How did Locke view man? man was born with the inalienable rights
What are the inalienable rights? life, liberty, and the pursuit of property
How did Locke view government? government exists to secure our inalienable rights
What did Locke write? "2 Treaties on Civil Government"
How did Montesquieu view man? if they had too much power it would be corrupt
How did Montesquieu view government? believed in a decentralized (fragmented) government
What did Montesquieu write? "Spirit of Laws"
Aristotle calls a "good" government by the 1- Monarchy
Aristotle calls a "good" government by the few- Artistocracy
Aristotle calls a "good" government by the many- Polity
Aristotle calls a "bad" government by the 1- Tyrant
Aristotle calls a "bad" government by the few- Oligarchy
Aristotle calls a "bad" government by the many- Democracy
What are the 5 essential elements of a State (-Nation) Population, Territory, Permanence, Political Organization, and Sovereignty
What does it mean to have a "political organization" any form of government
What are the 3 elements of Sovereignty 1. Supreme political authority 2. Capable of compulsary enforcement 3. Relatively free from external control
What was Shay's Rebellion? the march of thousands of armed farmers against the government of Massachusetts
What did Shay's Rebellion show? the instability of state government
What were the Federalists Papers? papers written about wanting the constitution ratified
Who wrote the Federalists Papers? Madison, Hamilton, & Jay
How were the Federalists Papers signed? an anonymous pseudonym
What were the founder's 3 characteristics in the Constitutional Convention? 1. very wealthy & educated 2. Deists 3. did not like/feared "the people"
Why did the founding fathers fear/dislike "the people" majority was uneducated and inclined to only have their best interest in mind
Who was the "Father of the Constitution" and why? James Madison, because his views are largely portrayed throughout the document
Who was the President of the Constitutional Convention and what kind of leader was he? George Washington, he was a relucant leader
In the Constitutional Convention, what did Edmund Randolph want and what was his plan to solve it? to abolish the Articles of Confederation and create a new system of government; proposed the VIrginia Plan
Describe Edmund Randolph's "Virginia Plan" 2 houses (bicameral), where the house of reps. was apportioned by population and the other house was selected by the house of reps.
Why was there conflict with Edmund Randolph's "Virginia Plan" the small states opposed it because it was based on population
The conflict over the "Virginia Plan" was attempted to be solved by what plan? the New Jersey Plan
Describe the "New Jersey Plan" unicameral with equal representation
What was the problem with the "New Jersey Plan" it had equal representation which was the same as Congress was under the Articles of Confederation, which was not working
What plan was proposed in order to solve the conflicts between the "New Jersey Plan" Connecticut Compromise (Great Compromise)
Describe the Connecticut Compromise (Great Compromise) bicameral where the house of reps. were apportioned by population and the Senate had equal representation
Out of the Virginia Pla, New Jersey Plan, and Connecticut Compromise, which one do we have now? Connecticut Compromise (Great Compromise)
What was a very controversial topic during the Constitutional Convention, yet not mentioned once in it? Slavery
What were the 2 conflicts the founding fathers faced on Slavery during the Constitutional Convention? 1. how do we count the slave population to account for representation? 2. conflict between free states/slave states and accounting population for representation
What was the founding fathers compromise for the issue over slavery? To account for 3/5
What did Congress write in the Constitution to ease the worries of the southern states thinking the North would abolish slavery? "The Commerce Compromise"- wrote that congress would not prohibit such persons...
How long did Congress wait to address slavery and what did they say about it? 20 years; the slaves were taxed- $1 a person
Why was Congress faced with the issue of how to pick an executive (President)? They didn't have a previous model
What did Congress create to answer the question of how to choose a President? The Exectutive Compromise
What was the Executive Compromise? a compromise with the Electoral College saying that these electors come from the political parties in each state who chooses them
What is the case that established the power of judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
What is the number of governments in America? over 89,000
What is the conflict between liberal and security? in order to feel more secure we have given up our freedom
What was the conflict in McCulloch v. Maryland? the bank argued that the state did not have the right to tax
What did the supreme court justice say about taxing? (McCulloch v. Maryland) the power to tax is the power to destroy
The bank in Maryland was created under which clause and to carry out which powers? Necessary and Proper; Expressed/Enumerated powers
What did the McCulloch v. Maryland case establish the notion of national supremacy & strengthened the power of Congress
What are the 7 benefits of federalism? 1-decentralization 2-protection of liberty 3-increasing participation 4-improves efficiency 5-encourages policy innovation 6-ensures policy responsiveness 7-manages conflict
What are the 3 problems of federalism? 1-obstructs action 2-frustrates national policy 3-obstructs uniformity in policy
Why is decentralization an importance of federalism? because "too much power in one place leads to corruption"
Why is the protection of liberty an importance of federalism? freedom
Why is increasing participation an importance of federalism? there are so many levels & opportunities to participate
Why is improved efficiency an importance of federalism? it is more efficient if lower levels of gov't provide services closer to home
Why is encouraging policy innovation an importance of federalism? states can try out different programs to see what works best
Why is ensuring policy responsiveness an importance of federalism? it manages conflict
Why is managing conflict an importance of federalism? we have many competing ideas
What is an example of obstructing action being a weakness of federalism? segregation
What is an example of frustrating national policy being a weakness of federalism? waste disposal plants
Why is obstructing uniformity and policy a weakness of federalism? costs & benefits spread unevenly
What is the I Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Legislative- enacts law, enumerated and implied powers, limits on government
What is the II Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Executive- enforces law, electoral college
What is the III Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Judicial- interperets law, created 1st Supreme Court & allows Congress to create additional courts
What is the IV Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Interstate Relations- how states interact with one another, "Priveleges and Immunities" and "Full Faith and Credit"
What is the V Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Amendments- how to alter the Const.
What is the VI Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Supremacy Clause- says the US Const. is the supreme law of the land
In Article VI of the Constitution it states that the US Const. is the supreme law of the land; followed by what other 4 laws state constitutions, federal law, state law, local ordinances
What is the VII Article of the Const. and what does it provide? Ratification- how the document was approved
Desribe a Unitary form of government- power is held at the National level
What is a present example of a Unitary form of government? Britain
What is the most common form of government in the world today? Unitary
Describe a Confederal form of government- power to the states
What is a present example of a Confederal form of government? European Union
Describe a Federal form of government- power is divided between the Nation & states in which each enforces its laws directly on you and decentraizes power
What is a present example of a Federal form of government? America
What type of government did we have under the Articles of Confederation? Confederal
What tyoe of government did we have before we were under the Articles of Confederation? Unitary
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