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SocialSt sept. 28

Social Studies Highlights Sept 12

What was different about where we live 100 years ago? Black swamp, standing black water, dense trees, insects and wild animals covered 12 counties.
When did Ohio pass a law that set up a system for draining the swamp? 1859
What did the law that set up a system for draining the swamp change? It made the land more useable for people.
How many people live in Ohio? Over 11 million.
What three reasons might people live in Ohio? For the natural resources, climate and transportation.
What are the three types of communities in Ohio? rural, suburban and urban
What are some of Ohio's most important natural resources? land, forests and minerals
Is fuel a natural resources? Yes
What are the fuels found in Ohio? coal, oil and natural gas
What do communities grow near? resources
What is manufacturing? the making of goods from raw materials by hand or with machinery
________ along Lake Erie, such as Toledo, and the Ohio River became shipping centers ports
When was the first railroad built in Ohio? 1836
When did Ohio's government begin building canals? 1820s
How long did it take to build the Erie Canal? 8 years
What do canals provide? low cost way to transport goods between cities.
Because of canals, Ohio's transportation and population grew or got smaller? grew
By what year did most Native American in Maryland lose their land? 1815
Where were the Native Americans that lost their land sent? reservations
Why did immigrants from Germany and Ireland come to America in the early 1800s? Freedom of religion and to escape hardships
In 1830, almost a million people lived in Ohio and the government passed laws to build what 3 things? new canals, roads and railroads
When was the national road built? 1815
Where was the National Road located? It stretched from Ohio to Illinois
When did the first Amish people settle in Northeast Ohio? early 1800s
Why did Amish people settle in America? For religious and cultural freedom
What do many Amish use for transportation? horses and buggies
How do many Amish farmers dress? Simple
Who are the Appalachians? People who live in the Appalachian Mountain region of southern United States
What area did the Appalachians settle during the 1800s in Ohio? Southeastern Ohio including 29 counties
What industries employ the most workers in Ohio? manufacturing, trade and service
What industry has become most important in Ohio over the past 30 years? Service industry
What are 3 types of service industries? food, health care and education
What two things changed with business since the 1970s? Factories closed and service industry became important.
What is the tallest skyscraper in Toledo? One Seagate Center
When was One Seagate Center built? 1982
What is the birthplace of skyscrapers? Chicago
What two things do skyscrapers do? Help shape the skyline and allow many people to work in one building.
Created by: Mrs. Townley



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