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ICAO Codes

Airport Codes

AMA Amarillo, TX
ANC Anchorage, AK
ATL Atlanta, GA
AUS Austin, TX
BIL Billings, MT
BIS Bismark, ND
BOI Boise, ID
BOS Boston, MA
BUF Buffalo, NY
CLE Cleveland, OH
COD Cody, WY
DAY Dayton, OH
DEN Denver, CO
ELP El Paso, TX
FAI Fairbanks, AK
FAR Fargo, ND
IND Indianapolis, IN
JAC Jackson Hole, WY
LAR Laramie, WY
LAS Las Vegas,NV
LIT Little Rock, AR
MIA Miami, FL
OAK Oakland, CA
OMA Omaha, NE
PIT Pittsburgh, PA
SEA Seattle, WA
ZIH Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, MEXICO
ABQ Albequerque, NM
ASE Aspen, CO
BTR Baton Rouge, LA
BHM Birmingham, AL
BZN Bozeman, MT
CAK Canton/Akron, OH
CID Cedar Rapids, IA
COU Columbia, MO
CPR Casper, WY
COS Colorado Springs, CO
CMH Columbus, OH
CRP Corpus Cristi, TX
DFW Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX
DSM Des-Moines, IA
DRO Durango, CO
EWR Newark, NJ
FNT Flint, MI
FLL Fort Lauderdale, FL
FSD Sioux Falls, SD
GJT Grand Junction, CO
GRB Green Bay, WI
GRR Grand Rapids, MI
GSO Greensborough, NC
GTF Great Falls, MT
HDN Hayden, CO
HUX Huatulco, MEXICO
JAX Jacksonville, FL
LGA La Guardia, NY
LGB Long Beach, CA
MBJ Montego Bay, JAMAICA
MDW Chicago, IL (MIDWAY)
MKE Milwaukee, WI
MSN Madison, WI
MSP Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
MOT Minot, ND
MZT Mazatlan, MEXICO
OKC Oklahoma City, OK
PHL Philadelphia, PA
PHX Phoenix, AZ
PVD Providence, RI
PUB Pueblo, CO
PVR Puerta Vallarta, MEXICO
RFD Rockford, IL
RNO Reno, NV
SAF Santa Fe, NM
SAT San Antonio, TX
SBA Santa Barbara, CA
SBN South Bend, IN
SBS Steam Boat Springs, CO
SFO San Fransisco, CA
SHD Shenandoah Valley, VA
SHR Sheridan, WY
SJC San Jose, CA
SLC Salt Lake City, UT
SNA Santa Ana, CA
STL St. Louis, MO
SUX Sioux City, IA
TPA Tampa, FL
TTN Trenton, NJ
TUS Tuscon, AZ
ABE Allentown, PA
AZA Mesa-Phoenix, AZ
BDL Hartford, CT
BKG Branson, MO
BMI Bloomington/Normal, IL
BNA Nashville, TN
BWI Baltimore, MD
CVG Cincinnati, OH
CYS Chyenne, WY
DCA Washington, D.C.
DTW Detroit, MI
FAT Fresno, CA
GCC Gilette, WY
GEG Spokane, WA
IAH Houston, TX
ILG Wilmington, DE
LAX Los Angeles, CA
MCI Kansas City, MO
MCO Orlando, FL
MSY New Orleans, LA
MDT Harrisburg, PA
PHF Newport News-Williamsburg, VA
ORD Chicago-O' Hare, IL
PIE St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL
PDX Portland, OR
RDU Raleigh/Durham, NC
RSW Fort Myers, FL
SDF Louisville, KY
SJD Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO
SMF Sacramento, CA
SRQ Sarasota, FL
TEX Telluride, CO
TYS Knoxville, TN
YVR Vancouver, B.C, CANADA
AA American Airlines
AC Air Canada
AF Air France
AS Alaska Airlines
B6 Jet Blue
BA British Airways
CA Continental Airlines
DL Delta Airlines
F9 Frontier Airlines
FL Air Tran Airways
HA Hawaiian Air
LH Lufthansa
NK Spirit Airlines
OO Sky West
QX Horizon
RP Chautauqua
YX Republic Airlines
S5 Shuttle America
UA United Airlines
US US Airways
VX Virgin America
WN South West
YV Mesa Air
VS Virgin Atlantic
ZK Great Lakes Air
ZW Air Wisconsin
A/C Aircraft
ACM Air Crew Member
AED Automated External Defibrillator
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AVA Available for Re-Assignment
AFT Rear
AGENT Employee who handles ground phases of the flight.
AIRSPEED Velocity of the Aircraft
ALTIMETER Gauge that Measures the Aircraft's altitude above Indicated in FEET
AT Assent Member of Early Returns Porgram
ATC Air Traffic Control
BID PERIOD Block of Time (Usually a Calender Month)
BID TIME Period of Time beginning when the aircraft moves off blocks, until the aircraft blocks in at the next point of landing
BID MONTH A month of flying, also referred to a BID PERIOD
BUDDY BID When two crew members of the same position and base wish to fly identical schedules including trips and days off.
BULKHEAD Any dividing wall in an A/C
BUMP To remove a passenger due to weight balance or oversale.
CABIN The interior of the aircraft including PAX seats.
CAPTAIN PIC. Pilot in Comand indicated by 4-stripes on shoulder.
CEILING The distance between the ground and the clouds. (only indicated if deemed, BKN, or OVC)
CHARTER A flight where the aircraft and crew are leased by a company.
CIRCLING Flying in a set pattern, until cleared to land. (HOLDING)
CO-MAIL Company Mail
CONNECTION Travelling from origination to destination on different aircraft.
CDO Continuous Duty Overnight. A single duty period that crosses of two days, with a reduced rest requiring a day room "Stand-Up".
CSI Cabin Safety Inspector
DEADHEAD (DH) Transportation at company direction, to or from a duty assignment.
DELAYED FLIGHT A flight operating behind schedule due to weather or mechanicals.
DHD Deadheading Crew
DRP Awarded trip drop request.
DIRECT FLIGHT Flight between two cities with more than one leg on the same aircraft.
DE-PLANE PAX leaving the aircraft.
DIVE Steep decent
DOMICILE A base where flight crews reside.
DOT Department of Transportation
DOWNLINE Being away from the home base or domicile.
DUTY DAY Calender day in which a duty period begins or ends. AND ALL calender days away from base while flying a pairing.
DUTY PERIOD Elapsed time from the time of an FA reports for duty or the actual reporting whichever is later, until the time the FA is released from duty following the debrief period.
ECAM Electronic Centeralized Aircraft Monitoring
EFAP Enhanced Forward Attendant Panel
EMK Emergency Medical Kit
EMR Emergency Drop. Trip drop approved by an inflight manager in an emergency situation that does not qualify under existing benefits in the employee manual.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
EN-PLANE (BOARD) PAX boarding the A/C
FA Flight Attendant
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAP Forward Attendant Panel
FERRY Flight operating without revenue PAX
FO First Officer. Wears 3-Stripes on shoulder.
FORWARD Front of the Aircraft
FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
FNR Funeral Leave
FUSELAGE The body of the aircraft not including the wings.
GALLEY A Small area of the aircraft where food and beverage service items are held.
GATE Area where PAX check-in prior to boarding the A/C
GROUNDED A/C unable to take off due to weather or mechanical difficulties
GROUND SPEED The speed of an aircraft with reference to the surface of the earth.
GROUND TIME Time spent down-line in between flights
GSC Ground Security Coordinator
HALF-WEIGHT A child 2-11 yrs old whose weight is computed at 85 lbs. for the manifest
HOLDING A flight preparing to land, take-off, or wait for an available gate
INBOUND PAX or flight coming into a station
ILS Instrument Landing System
IOE Initial Operating Experience
INTERNATIONAL DATELINE Imaginary line on the Earth separating two consecutive calendar days
JETWAY Walkway connecting the gate area to the aircraft.
JUMPSEAT Collapsible seat designated for a crewmember and/or an ACM
JRA Junior Assignment, A crew member involuntarily placed on a duty assignment on a scheduled day off.
KNOT Velocity of one nautical mile per hour
LS (L/S) Late Show
LSC Late Sick Call
LAYOVER Time spent down-line in between flights
LEG A flight segment (i.e: DEN-ABQ is one leg. DEN-ABQ-ELP is two legs)
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
LINE HOLDER A crew member that has been awarded a line or assigned a line of time.
MISCONNECT To miss a connecting flight due to late arrival at the connecting station.
MRT Manual Release Tool
MT (M/T) Missed Trip
NO SHOW PAX with a confirmed res. that does not arrive for the flight.
NON-STOP A flight that goes to the intended destination without making any stops.
NO-OP Flight cancelled. Will not operate.
NTSB National Transit Safety Board
OJI On-Job-Injury
OFFLINE STATION A city not serviced by an airline on a scheduled basis.
OPEN TIME Sequences or portions of sequences that remain unassigned after the bid awards and monthly adjustments.
OPERATIONS The company department at DIA, responsible for monitoring all ground activities.
OVERHEAD BIN An enclosed compartment located above passenger seats for stowage of luggage.
PER DIEM Money paid to a crew member for time away from base
PAX Passenger
PBT Passenger Boarding Total
PBE Protective Breathing Equipment
POB Portable Oxygen Bottle
POI Principal Operations Inspector
PASS ON PAY (POP) Awarded trip drop request
RAMP The concrete aircraft parking area around the terminal
RECURRENT TRAINING FAA required annual training
RED EYE Last scheduled flight arriving in the scheduled destination the following day
RESERVE A crew member available on a 24 hour call
R-DAY Reserve Day, a day of availability for sequence assignment or other company duty
REST PERIOD The period of time free of all company duty between scheduled duty periods
REPORT TIME The time a crew member is scheduled to check-in prior to flight assignment
RON Remain Over Night
RUNWAY The area an aircraft uses to land and take off
SK (SIC) Sick Call
SEQUENCE A series of segments over one or more days, that ends with a legal rest in domicile
SPINNER A PAX up in the aisle during boarding without a seat assignment
ST Summit Member of Early Returns
STAND BY PAX without a confirmed reservation, who goes to the airport in hopes of being accommodated at the departure time
STAND UP if a legal rest period is 8.0 hours or less, the flight is considered a stand-up or continuous duty
STATION A city serviced regularly by Frontier Airlines
STOW To secure
SWAP Trip trade with open time
TAXI To move an aircraft under its own power on the ground
TERMINATION The stations where a flight makes its final stop
TAXIWAY Paved areas connecting the ramp to the runway
THRU PAX A PAX who remains onboard during an intermediate stop
TURBULENCE Rough, bumpy, or choppy air
UMNR Unaccompanied Minor
UTC Unable To Contact
WCHR Wheelchair
WIL Willing to Fly List
Time is 1800 6:00pm
Time is 2100 9:00pm
Time is 0900 9:00am
Time is 1430 2:30pm
Time is 0 OR 2400 12:00am (midnight)
Time is 2200 10:00pm
Time is 0300 3:00am
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