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SS Unit 2 Les.1-2

MBCA Smallwood Explorers Lessons 1 & 2

profit the money that remains after the costs of running a business
merchants people who make their living from buying and selling goods
barter to trade goods for other goods
navigation finding direction and following routes at sea
Vikings sailors from Denmark, Sweden and Norway who first explored North America
Iceland & Greeland two places where Vikings settled in North America
Jews, Muslims, and Christians three faiths who believe Jerusalem is a holy city
The Crusades wars fought by Christians against Muslims over control and access to Jerusalem
silk and spices two things Crusaders brought back from Asia that people really wanted
Marco Polo man from Italy who traveled and lived in China...told everyone about it and inspired exploration
Prince Henry man from Portugal who started navigation school for sailors
reason it was difficult to get from Europe to Asia robbers and thieves along the route
reason it was difficult to get from Europe to Asia traveling was difficult through deserts and mountains
reason it was difficult to get from Europe to Asia long, dangerous journey
salt natural resource found in Africa used to keep meat from spoiling
Bartolomeu Dias first to sail around tip of Africa and see Indian Ocean
Vasco da Gama first to sail all the way around Africa to India
Indies name for Asia during the Middle Ages
Christopher Columbus sailor from Italy who sailed west to find Asia but found North America
Bahamas where Columbus actually landed
Taino what the Natives of the Bahamas called themselves
Amerigo Vespucci traveled to North America after Columbus and named it after himself (claimed he found it first)
horses changed hunting for Natives
cattle and pigs provided new food for Natives
sheep provided wool
animals and people carried disease and germs
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