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Intg. History ch 4

terms and people

entrepreneur people who invest money in a product or enterprise in order to make a profit.
protective tariff taxes that would make imported goods cost more than those made locally.
laissez faire allowed businesses to operate under minimal government regulations.
patent is a grant by the federal government giving an inventor the exclusive right to develop, use, and sell an invention for a set period of time.
Thomas Edison supported by wealthy industrialists,established a research laboratory, creative genius, little education, would receive more than 1000 patents for inventions, invented the light bulb, plans for central power plant
bessemer Process henry bessemer developed a process for purifying iron, resulting in strong but light weight steel
suspension bridges bridges in which the roadway is suspended by steel cables, first one was brooklyn bridge
time zone delegates from 27 countries divided the globe into 24 zones one for each hour of the day.
mass production developed systems for turning out large numbers of products quickly and inexpensively.
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