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Foy Ch. 4 Test

At the First Continental Congress, the members agreed to a compromise. What compromise did they reach? Stop all trade with Britain and send the Declaration of Rights to King George III.
During which battle did Cornwallis surrender to the Patriots in Virginia? Battle of Yorktown
By the 1780’s, what region of America had taken major steps to end slavery? New England
How did Patrick Henry want the colonists to view themselves as they united against Great Britain? As Americans
Which of the following styles of fighting did Francis Marion use in the South? guerilla warfare
Which Patriot leader helped reach a peace agreement with Great Britain after the Revolutionary war? Benjamin Franklin
What treaty was signed in 1783 to end the Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris
General Washington was forced to retreat from what state after losing a series of battles there? New York
Which colony was the first to fall to the British? Georgia
What man was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the author of the pamphlet Common Sense, that urged colonists to break from Britain? Thomas Paine
You fought against the Redcoats in the Battle of Bunker Hill as a member of the Continental Army. Now that the United States is going to war with Britain, you want to fight to defend your new country. What are you? a patriot
What area did the Patriots want to capture and make the “14th colony?” British-controlled Canada
Why was the British army ordered to go to Concord, Massachusetts? To destroy weapons that belonged to the colonial army
In the pamphlet Common Sense, Thomas Paine, states that who should be making laws instead of monarchs? citizens
You have always felt that your King deserved your loyalty. Now that the Declaration of Independence has been signed, those that sided with the Patriots are threatening to attack you and set fire to your house if you don’t leave. What are you? a loyalist
What term was used to refer to the fighting between the colonists and British soldiers that broke out at Lexington and Concord? "shot heard 'round the world"
What did the British army plan on doing with the slaves? free the slaves and give them arms (weapons)
What four colonies had the largest Loyalist populations? Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia
Thanks to the efforts of George Washington, the British were forced to retreat from what city after the Battle of Dorchester Heights? Boston
Who commanded the French troops that joined forces with the Continental Army to surround the British at Yorktown? Comte de Rochambeau
What event led all of the colonies except Georgia to send government leaders to Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress? the closing of the port in Boston
In what location did Patriot soldiers struggle through the winter of 1777-1778? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Who did the colonial leaders place in charge of the Continental Army? George Washington
What battle was an important victory for the Patriots in New York and was a major turning point in the war? Battle of Saratoga
Which of the following is NOT a right listed in the Declaration of Independence? property
After Americans attacked the British in August 1780, they failed to attack what colony and established many casualties? South Carolina
What battle proved the colonists could hold their own, even though they lost the battle? Battle of Bunker Hill
You are a farmer in Concord, Massachusetts. You joined the local volunteer militia to defend your town in the event of an attack. Your militia leader expects you to be ready to take up arms in a moment’s notice. What is your militia called? minutemen
Which of the following groups had their rights addressed in the Declaration of Independence? white men
Why did the Second Continental Congress create a committee in June 1776? to write a document declaring independence
What woman earned the nickname “Molly Pitcher” by bringing water to thirsty Patriot troops and later operated a canon after her husband was injured. Mary Ludwig Hayes
In what battle did Patriot forces take the Hessian troops by surprise on Christmas eve? Battle of Trenton
What was the national motto that the Second Continental Congress created, meaning “out of many, one?” e pluribus unum
What country joined forces with the Patriots and gave them much needed help in the war? France
What French nobleman served in the Continental Army and provided supplies, soldiers, ships and money? Marquis de Lafayette
What man had much success fighting the British navy in the war at sea? John Paul Jones
Where did the British set their sights after the war was not going well in the North? The South
What group did both the British and Americans try to enlist during the war? Native Americans
Created by: lfoy8290